I think I missed posting an when I signed up here previously so... I'm a at Concordia University in Montreal. I like thinking about intellectual liberty (often in a digital context), the ethical care of information, knowledge, culture, and what we do for societies over a very long time.

Outside of my professional life, I write (novels/poems), invented a game, etc. Errant hallway wanderer.

I've been participating in an all-week long CARL research institute, which has been a super way to bring back to mind important considerations in the research process and reflect on my questions. It's been eye-opening too, to see how much the attitudes involving librarian research vary from institution to institution.

June will be exciting as I start a new job. Same institution but I'll focus on a new role they've just created as a Digital Scholarship . I'm really looking forward to this, so many possibilities it's hard not to want to start everything at once and a lot will be defining & evolving the role. Got to keep my eyes open for all of you doing interesting digital humanities, visualization, etc. work!

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