Concordia Library's 20th annual Research Forum, which recently concluded, now has the presentations available online from our site: (video recordings and slides)

The plenary session was a conversation on racial capitalism and knowledge production in LIS.

I enjoyed a session involving some Rwandan history from archival work with Lisa Ndejuru and Kristen Young ("Waking our Stories")

Concordia Library's Researcher-in-Residence call for applicants is now open! We have a range of areas that we're seeking proposals from. Researchers and practitioners from library and information studies, as well as other disciplines are welcome to apply: --> Deadline to apply is 25 March 2022

Take a look at our lineup for the 19th annual Concordia Research Forum (April 27 & 28). Registration is still open. It's a free, online event this year. Here is the link to the schedule and registration:

One of the coolest displays I've seen: with my son at the et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ). I walked right past but at my son's eye-level, he spotted it. Just in the stacks, a little projector hides behind some cut-out books and projects ghosts onto this display, which appear to glow.

Call for Proposals! Concordia ’s 18th Annual Research Forum (April 17, 2020), presentations or posters on research or a case study in any area of , in English or French, due Jan 30, 2020 at 11am:

Library Planet is a great idea: a crowd-sourced travel book. They're publishing articles about interesting libraries to visit when you travel.

Hey and supporters, IFLA is requesting your ideas to help realize ten opportunities they've identified for the future of libraries. Here is the link to submit your ideas (open 'till the end of September) and here is where they summarize the opportunities envisioned:

After a few years of renovations our Concordia celebrated its grand re-opening today and there's a nice write-up about some of the features in the Mtl Gazette

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