Heading to Florida in a couple days to present at the 2019 (Digital Library Federation). I attended for the first time last year and was impressed by how well organized it was and the great variety of interesting topics. One of my colleagues and I have a brief talk based on our digital scholarship needs gathering work at Concordia.

Climate March; Strong language; Photo of a Trudeau sign where it's like he's looking at you 

@esty That's great, everyone that goes out helps, to spread the ideas and show that people want change.

Half a million people marched in our city!

This was important & inspiring... walked with family and friends in Montreal. Appreciated hearing Greta Thunberg's words encouraging so many people at the end

Canada politics :BoostOkay: 

If you're in a teaching role (or other academic sort of position) beware of M-Journal citations. It's a fake article generator based on Wikipedia content. It's designed to give a realistic appearance. The link is: m-journal.org and there is an article about it here buzzfeednews.com/article/ryanh

Though always well-considered, Thunberg’s recent speech powerfully conveys the urgency in which we all (every person and government) needs to act.

Transcript in The Guardian: theguardian.com/commentisfree/

Waiting at a carwash the other day, my son (8) read the choices.
Son: Why does it say hashtag 1, hashtag 2, hashtag 3..."
Me: That only started to mean hashtag in recent years, usually it means number.
Son (now indignant): Well then how did they used to say hashtag?

Check out our prototype pipeline that discovers/captures/archives artifacts that researchers of the fictive myresearch.institute organization deposit in web portals myresearch.institute/ myresearch.institute/about/

@dbs yes, 1 hour would be pretty tough to cover what you need. Also, good point on the connector... when I've done workshops with Zotero where the browser setup wasn't done, it's surprisingly time-consuming to get everyone on the same page.

@meena nice idea. I'll see how the prof feels. It's a work in progress for his class so he might want to let it continue a bit first.

A prof wanted his class to build a collaborative annotated bibliography on the semiotics of nuclear waste. I had the class use Zotero's group functionality within the context of learning search strategies, being critical of sources, etc. and then to actually create the bibliographies... and it worked really nicely! It seems like so often, technology has glitches and difficulties, which get in the way, so it's refreshing when it just supports exactly what you want people to get from it.

Crowd-sourced publishing... nice post from the Library and Archives Canada blog discussing an example thediscoverblog.com/2019/09/05

Canadian politics + taxes 

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