Just heard about this Early Carribbean Digital Archive (ecda.northeastern.edu) which does a really interesting job at extracting non-colonial voices in archival materials from within the records of slave-owners and others. Great start to the CNI/ARL Digital Scholarship Planning workshop at Northeastern! dsg.neu.edu/cni_workshop - @dancohen

Machine learning is becoming more useful for journalists' work as explained in this article. It also cautions journalists to take care in how they employ it. gijn.org/2019/03/19/how-machin

The New England Journal of Medicine seems to be spreading odious commentary on issues. Good rebuttal from Lenny Teytelman protocols.io/groups/protocolsi

Also, although protocols.io is not about publishing articles, that platform is an excellent concept for sharing specific methods from your research work :OpenAccess: . I went to a talk from the CEO (author of the article) last year and was really impressed with the thinking that went into building the platform.

Many good points on reform supporting Canadian innovation in this article (especially on digital locks)! Also concerning and relevant (though not mentioned) there's the issue of the new Canadian change to timeframe for works entering the due to US pressure in the new NAFTA.


#SaveYourInternet : pledge2019.eu/fr

Luttons ensemble contre #Article11 et #Article13 de la directive européenne sur le droit d'auteur.

Faites compter votre voix auprès de vos eurodéputé·e·s.

At supper tonight, my wife was telling our son and I about a talk she'll be giving. She started to explain that she was going to say something about meta humour but the kid burst into laughter before she could finish her sentence.

(For the record, he didn't actually know what meta means, but I've heard comedy is all about timing.)

Does anyone have readings off the top of their head along the lines of "don't refer to computers as 'magic' because it obscures the human decisions and biases and labor that go into making technology"

I want to start picking this bone and would like to be able to point immediately to more well-thought-out arguments ;)

University of California couldn't get Elsevier to agree to universal to UC research so they're not renewing their contracts with Elsevier. Fascinated to see How this plays out. (go bears) news.lib.berkeley.edu/elsevier

Preparing your thesis or another research paper? Find out how to use and benefit from fair dealing at Concorda Library's info page: library.concordia.ca/help/copy … — It's /

For there is a petition to the Canadian government initiated by the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) to prevent a bad reworking of copyright. copyright.caut.ca/petition — please spread the word!

Canadians have opposed extending in other trade agreements. Yet the government perversely agreed to that in the new NAFTA. When/if CUSMA gets ratified, it means a 20 year dry spell before new work enters Canada's public domain. Good read on here: lib.sfu.ca/help/publish/schola

Some great advice especially for those in Academia <3.

In the news today seems to be capable of producing writing in various styles that seem to be potentially indistinguishable from human writing. And the code authors are concerned about fully releasing it due to the potential for misuse. blog.openai.com/better-languag

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Don't we Canadians love being validated by the *NY Times* and other outsiders...

Culture Shock for French in Quebec: ‘We Smoke Cigarettes, They Smoke Pot’ - The New York Times

#France #Québec

Confessing an irrational editing hang-up: When I replace a word or phrase that I've typed, I intentionally do not delete letters that will be used in the new word/phrase even though I could type more quickly if I did. I feel sorry for them every time I delete them. I feel sorry for their siblings that I've deleted. I usually write too much so I have to delete a lot. There, got that off my chest.

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