Has there been much scholarship looking into the heritage of academia itself? Just like a History of Science, is there much of "Heritage of Science/Academia"? The tangible v intangible academia? Just ideas here, let me know what I should read/what you think!

First day back at second year masters, and already beginning to tire of overly abstract discussions of vague questions comprising the bulk education of a class. Why do lectures seem to be so looked down upon in modern academia?

Finished my final tutorial group of the year. Though my co-TA was missed, happy to see how much we were able to learn/discuss despite many administrative miscommunications. Semester is far from over, still an exam and portfolio final assignment to collect and grade. All in all, really enjoying the TA opportunity I have had, I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Ah there it is. On page 121 of his autobiography, Napoleon Chagnon finally drops the Claude Lévi-Strauss reference. Was waiting for that one.

During an excellent cycle around South Holland this weekend with Linda, we visited this mansion which was at one point the house of Boerhaave himself... Even his original "mini-hortius" is here. Easily the highlight of the day.

Also, funny story of how Linda ended up lending me this book: we were book shopping together and saw this book and I, in my rash stupidity, thought it was a book to do with the Medici family (interestingly, no connection yet I don't believe) and Linda ended up buying it for that same reason... One year later, it turns out that the book is precisely about my thesis, and Linda even forgot she had it! Happy she held onto it so I would be able to read it now during my research time.

What does the phrase "Gonzo Heritage" mean to any fellow heritage/archaeology students (or anyone at all)? Curious to see opinions on that concept, though I am sure it has been mentioned before... Any examples/opinions/ideas to share?

Part legal drama, part Dan Brown novel, and just enough journalism to maintain academic credibility... This is my kind of thesis research for today.

Hey fellow researchers, does the name "Feltlauff" mean anything to you? Etymology, translation, reference to a mythological character, anything? Researching a museum curator's life and this is one of the names of his dogs, trying to find why it would end up being a name (his other dogs are named after mythological/historical characters, so I cannot imagine this being an arbitrary outlier). Any and all ideas are welcome, happy weekend!

Ending with a new forensic article about the remains of Amelia Earhart - perhaps the remains discovered on Nikumaroro Island did actually belong to Earhart herself! Take a look at the paper, thanks to , and celebrate the women in your life today and beyond.

Life is chaos. All knowledge is theory-laden. We are prisoners of our own linguistic frameworks. Drink tea and revel in the ambiguity.

Quite excited to have finally received my Verso Press Planner for the year... Perhaps I will finally start to be a bit more organized!

I was named after Eleonora d'Arborea, a Medieval queen from Sardinia known for her wisdom, compassion, and for punching an unwanted lover in the face. I am not violent, but I like history, archaeology and language. Happy and curious to meet you!

Hey, I'm Jen, I'm an archaeology masters student. I am obsessed with the Middle East (partially because its fascinating but also because of living in the U.K and Netherlands I would like some decent weather).

Socially awkward and like a drink, so basically the average archaeologist.

First group of presentations as a TA today... Providing feedback and attempting to get through all the groups in as timely a manner as possible, any tips?

Other than Mastodon what connectivity platforms are being used by the community? What messaging apps or forums are used around here?

Brilliant trip to the Teyler's Museum this weekend with @jenniferlouise and others; first public museum building in the Netherlands with few updates to the displays since its construction (in 1784)

Before this month is over, what are you guys reading currently? Either for research or pleasure, perhaps that Christmas present you got. I am reading "The Evenings" by Gerard Revenue, one of the Dutch "postwar masterpieces."

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