Ending with a new forensic article about the remains of Amelia Earhart - perhaps the remains discovered on Nikumaroro Island did actually belong to Earhart herself! Take a look at the paper, thanks to , and celebrate the women in your life today and beyond.

@jeeves I’m not an expert on forensics but it’s a little problematic, the objects found with the skeleton and the bones suggest it probably was her, but race estimations are tricky and their evidence is based on a 70 year old report. It would be cool if they found the bones to confirm it though.

@jenniferlouise The loss of the bones was definitely a disappointment while reading. I really appreciated the comparative context between the old and modern techniques as I am also far from an expert on forensics. However, to my untrained eye I thought the methodology was pretty sound given what information they had. We can talk about it more soon at a museum haha

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