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MFW a test repeatedly fails on travis but I can't reproduce it locally or on a different machine

Weibull distribution animated with different shape parameters (testing out gganimate, can you tell?)

Also, I still really like this wallpaper-sized plot of randomly generated polynomials I did for the lulz (code in same repo).

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There's still lots of older (i.e. <v2.4) instances floating around, but they tend to have fewer users. The vast majority of instances (and users) are on 2.4, which is good for the usual reasons. The proportion of outdated instances is higher than the proportion of users on outdated instances.

Mastodon instances: User & toot count by registration status.

Unsurprisingly, there's a neat linear relationship between users and toots per instance on this plot of my upcoming book "why log scales are neat yo":

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