I originally started my Fediverse account on scholar.social as I wanted to talk about my research, but since creating it I decided to keep it more about personal projects and stuff. Wondering about moving it to another server, anyone has any suggestions? :)

Pros to being Nazgul:

* Goth aesthetic
* Can't be seen during the day
* Has a small group of friends he can count on
* Here to destroy the world of men

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don't call a software developer's views "controversial" when you really mean "quaintly fascist"

Starting the new year with super positive vibes by making a playlist of versions of Bloodhail by Have a Nice Life. From the mandatory acoustic version passing by atmospheric black metal and 8 bit versions.

@neauoire hey! @ritualdust mentioned to me someone ported uxn to the Nintendo DS? I dug up mine today and thought that could be a cool thing to play with :)

NFT Replicas

NFT replicas

nft replicas



Every year I come back to the Zig programming language and make an effort to learn it. Every year I drop it after doing a couple dozen of exercises :(

*catches bugs in programs and safely relocates them outside*

Just watched yet another YouTube video where the person says they're gonna talk about "the history" of something and then proceed to tell the history of said thing in the USA. Americans: the world is bigger than your country and the internet has plenty of resources for you to learn history from other places.

So the keynote speakers talking at Libreplanet(FSF) are not remunerated. This makes me feel very weird about this whole thing.

Between the Libreplanet event sponsors and the FSF memberships, they cannot afford to pay for the speakers.

Are they promoting the continuation of free work so they can perpetuate their existence off of free labor?

There's nothing less radical than ripping off open source devs and maintainers, y'know, cos everyone is doing it..

I think it's a deal breaker for us.


I had a really bad headache for most of the day today, but I used most of my time awake to bake! In the pictures is my raspberry chocolate sweet bread wreath, and I have a not sweet version in the fridge undergoing a slow fermentation.

We have this weird bent fork at home that I call "Uri Geller's fork" but so far no one else gets the joke. Is it that obscure of a reference?

I didn't know what to get a lot of people for Christmas, so I just ordered a lot of baking supplies and will be baking Christmas presents every day this week :)

What is an NFT? It stands for "Nice, free treasures!" and it's a celebration of post-scarcity in the online realm. Once a work of digital art has been created (and the artist duly compensated for their labor), it can be reproduced infinitely at negligible cost.

⚠️ Beware of scams: some people are attempting to charge money for NFTs but they are FREE treasures ⚠️

Started learning Hugo this week for a new project! Pretty nice to not have to mess with Python virtualenvs again like I have for my Pelican-based website.

When I ran away from the internet this afternoon (Twitter, more specifically) I went outside and saw this beautiful view. A snow-covered beach and a beautiful reflection of the sky on the lake, and very brave ducks enduring the cold weather just to hang out with their buds.

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