Before I go one please consider attending NYC Where we can talk about ways to play in the fediverse from your own domain

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nobody has really stopped to explain to me why the same folks who made HTML (before HTML 5) need to make ActivityPub.

Hey everyone on social.scholar I am heading over to due to the restriction placed on data ownership here. Will probably be jgmac1106 there as well.

You can always follow since my blog is itself an instance of the fediverse.

Catch ya on the flip side, was a fun few hours

Just read terms on Didn't see anything forbidding the use of your own domain. Like the values. Sorry I have to jump ship from , would be my affinity space but any place hostile to no place for me

@ashwinvis I am a heavy user, I just use from my own domain. When interacting with Twitter I syndicate there, when on Mastodon, I choose the instance I want to use.

This is about owning your data from your own domain rather than giving it to another silo no matter how open.

@socrates I guess I am going to have to find a new instance. Darn, I wanted to hang with my scholar peeps, but can't participate in any space that is hostile to data ownership from your own domain.

@jalcine I have sold 1,000s of pieces of vegan french toast and pandcakes...Kinda scarred.

@Downes We were just messing with rss and OStatus in the IndieWeb WordPress channel today..glad to see others connect to the fediverse through rss

My general rule w/ open data, let it be known  used in aggregate, and while not required,  alwaysseek permission  quoting or using an artifact.  And making data "open" after collecting a no-no...needs to be known at start

Hello everyone I am a literacy and technology scholar, migrating from to here. You can find me there as well or from my domain @jgmac1106

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