on twitter i made a joke about how cis people should tell The Rest Of Us they're cis before we start dating and i lost 2 followers

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a friend of mine who spends a LOT of his time picking up plastic waste from parks, rivers, streets, etc. had a good idea. He decided to photograph the non biodegradable waste and tag companies on social media with it. So if he finds a plastic Subway cup, he tells Subway about it with the message "is this yours?" I dig this because it's not something that blames the consumer. It puts the blame where it belongs: on the producer.

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Saw this in a Solarpunk group and someone said it could be the seed to start an epic saga. I present it here as an offering to the writers: please take it and make a Solarpunk masterpiece.

It looks like marriage equality will come into being in Taiwan on May 24. ^_^


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Research study recruiting screen reader users who collaborate using tech like Microsoft Word and Google Docs to do a 1 hour remote interview. $30 gift card compensation. Read flyer here with contact informatoin to indicate interest. inclusive.northwestern.edu/bvi

journalists are real-time historians

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The thing about 'not all men' is it's something men bark at people who are lashing out at the group that's hurting them. Trying to separate themselves and remove any affiliation.

All it does is tell those people to shut up while doing nothing to change the structures that allow toxic masculinity to continue that original victimisation. Step in and tell fellow men to stop, that it's not ok, instead of telling people, especially women, you're not like the others so how dare we get angry about it.

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Blocking people without even interacting with them has kept me out of some big time bullshit, never mind actually doing it as a consequence for choosing to interact with me in certain ways. You don't owe anyone access to you and you don't have to solve their problems for them.

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