editors, like librarians, have superpowers, and should be respected and feared in equal measure

The first Pride was a riot.

Trans women of color started the fight for queer liberation fifty years ago.

Today, queer immigrants, people of color and sex workers still face police violence.

No cops at pride.


International trade law geek, dumping 

Transferrin--a protein that carries iron in the bloodstream, or a cowboy talking about transferrin' goods?

Red Planet


"Because of the binary the U.S. has created of winners and losers, we often think of Indigenous peoples as on the losing end of history without understanding the miracle of Indigenous life today and the fact that there are elements of a future society premised on justice and sustainable relations between human and nonhuman worlds existing within Indigenous cultures themselves." -- Nick Estes

fuck, this interview is so good

We have revised our STEM Librarian position, to hire at either Assistant or Associate level (according to qualifications and experience.) New grads are encouraged to apply.

More info at www2.southernct.edu/faculty-st

I’m on the search committee and will be working closely with the new hire, so please ask if you have questions!

Even after a few hours I am still annoyed. We had an HR "training" on "dealing with difficult people." Which apparently includes anyone who won't meet your eyes. When I pointed out the cultural and neurological issues involved in this, I got talked down to.

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Work-life balance, sexism 

Broke: Freud's couch
Woke: Chibanda and the Grannies on a bench

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In 2006, [Chibanda] told the city health department he wanted to start a mental health programme there.

Neither the department nor the clinic staff were enthusiastic. “The clinic told me the nurses were too busy,” Chibanda said. “And there was no space for me to work inside the building.” So he set up a bench in the yard.

Grudgingly, the clinic lent Chibanda the services of its “Grannies” – middle-aged or older women with little education, who earn a small stipend doing community health work.

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Psychiatric care in developing countries, depression, suicide 

alt-right, antisemetism, anticapitalism (Twitter boost with CW) 

shout-out to the mountain of the Six Grandfathers, sacred to the Lakota Sioux, before it was defaced by a Klan member and turned into a monument to slaveholders and imperialists (and Lincoln)

Only on mastodon are you truly safe from bad actors

Really, we managed to get rid of Wil Wheaton AND William Shatner! No bad actors here

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