editors, like librarians, have superpowers, and should be respected and feared in equal measure

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@gendertreyf @hillbillyoracle The book Joyful Militancy calls this phenomenon "rigid radicalism" in an excerpt that I have found well worth reading and rereading. joyfulmilitancy.com/2018/06/03

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@hillbillyoracle there's been this weird shift from "no one should be REQUIRED to do the work of educating others for free, esp as a price of entry for basic respect" to "no one SHOULD educate others and you're a bad person if you do." I'm still scratching my head over it.

The first Pride was a riot.

Trans women of color started the fight for queer liberation fifty years ago.

Today, queer immigrants, people of color and sex workers still face police violence.

No cops at pride.


Pride; Police mention 

@bgcarlisle wow no that's awful and solidifies my position: no police at pride ever. They're welcome to attend as individuals and always were, but they can do it on their own time like every other fucking queer.

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I KNEW even before I looked at the U.S. - Large Residential Washers from Korea case under the that zeroing was involved somehow.

Transferrin--a protein that carries iron in the bloodstream, or a cowboy talking about transferrin' goods?

Red Planet


"Because of the binary the U.S. has created of winners and losers, we often think of Indigenous peoples as on the losing end of history without understanding the miracle of Indigenous life today and the fact that there are elements of a future society premised on justice and sustainable relations between human and nonhuman worlds existing within Indigenous cultures themselves." -- Nick Estes

fuck, this interview is so good

We have revised our STEM Librarian position, to hire at either Assistant or Associate level (according to qualifications and experience.) New grads are encouraged to apply.

More info at www2.southernct.edu/faculty-st

I’m on the search committee and will be working closely with the new hire, so please ask if you have questions!

Even after a few hours I am still annoyed. We had an HR "training" on "dealing with difficult people." Which apparently includes anyone who won't meet your eyes. When I pointed out the cultural and neurological issues involved in this, I got talked down to.

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Poorly explain the ending to your favorite game, without saying what the game is.
Your dick is the bomb.

Work-life balance, sexism 

"What if, instead of searching for perfect work-life balance at all times, you divided your life into seasons that focused on a particular area?"

This resonates with me and is another reason why the "everything must happen in a straight line by a certain age" time-limited approach to careers is so destructive, particularly to women who are expected to take on a lot of family care duties.


Broke: Freud's couch
Woke: Chibanda and the Grannies on a bench

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In 2006, [Chibanda] told the city health department he wanted to start a mental health programme there.

Neither the department nor the clinic staff were enthusiastic. “The clinic told me the nurses were too busy,” Chibanda said. “And there was no space for me to work inside the building.” So he set up a bench in the yard.

Grudgingly, the clinic lent Chibanda the services of its “Grannies” – middle-aged or older women with little education, who earn a small stipend doing community health work.

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Psychiatric care in developing countries, depression, suicide 

This article mentions the anecdote of Erica, a 24-year-old Zimbabwean woman who had killed herself. The exchange between Erica's mother and Dr. Chibanda, who had treated Erica before and had asked to see her as soon as possible on hearing of a prior, unsuccessful suicide attempt, is haunting:

"Why didn’t you bring her to see me as we planned?” Chibanda asked.

“We didn’t have bus fare,” the mother said.


@RexfordGTugwell @tparadox @Taweret He was, but the character was evidently very hateable? (Full disclosure: I have never watched Benson.)

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