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I bought this camera for 20 bucks, with the 4GB CF card, lens with batteries and charger

Canon 10D (6.3mp) - Canon 28-90mm Lens - ISO 100

#photos #photography #springtime #flowers

Grading progress 

40 down, a little less than 20 to go.

actually learning about the history of christianity is the most dangerous thing possible to evangelicalism, which is a reactionary ideology that seeks to erase history so it can make the ridiculous claim that its very particular brand of morality and theology is the true form of christianity that has always existed

Happy May Day and remember to destroy capitalism 💖💪👊🔨

Judging relationship success metrics by duration of the relationship is shallow. What matters more is if you both learn and grow from your relationship. That doesn't mean a breakup won't hurt. But breaking up like mature adults is always a good thing.

Anti-racist activists are being actively targeted for their opposition to white supremacy. Please, please consider skipping a coffee or something and supporting them.

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Voiceover for a video on sex work & decrim. Must have good speaking voice, able to record good quality audio, either current or former sex worker (any kind). Esp. welcome non-cis/white applicants! Email ollysphilosophychannel(at)


Word I didn't know, but have always needed: Tsundoku - acquiring reading materials but letting them pile up in one's home without reading them

I'm the focker, friend of color knowingly excoriating racism

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Do I say something or quietly unfollow? I've interacted a lot with this person and will give them the benefit of the doubt that they will listen to a reasonable objection. If they won't then it's not too late to unfollow and block.

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Why are white people *gestures vaguely* like that

"Thanos just should have killed all the rich people" - my mom just now

@XeF4 @Are0h I totally agree. It's one thing to be born categorized as "white." People can't control that, but they can speak and act in ways that dismantle the abusive paradigm of whiteness. It's another thing to *aspire* to whiteness, to *hope* to be able to hoard resources and enact violence without accountability. Pretty despicable.

@ash Hard agree with all of this. That has always been its purpose, no matter how they try to dress it up.

The ironic part is that the effort to maintain whiteness is the top factor in what is killing white people globally.

You just can't keep fighting progress, common sense and reason and it not have an affect.

@Are0h It absolutely never has. It's never meant anything except permission to hoard resources and do violence without any accountability.

When the term "white" was first used to define a group of people in a U.S. legal document in 1705, one of the first privileges it provided was that "non-whites" could no longer testify against people categorized as "white" in court. Whiteness was explicitly defined by law as a free pass for violence and greed, and that's never changed.

And before some dumbass asks, no, the abdication of whiteness does to need to be met with the abdication of Blackness and I'll tell you why.

Blackness is far older than the concept of whiteness and Blackness is not hellbent on eliminating everything white. We really don't care what y'all do.

Blackness at its core is celebration of life and embracing the limitless potential of what it means to be human.

Whiteness is the stark opposite of that.

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