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[flash/strobe warning] glitch art 

Soft though, (Pass*Thmod,mud 5) Pracotrumy,ο»Ώ W.Con35; Mr.

Photo by mbaumi on Unsplash

$ direct to north Mpls (donations welcome) 

My friend Hannah has been tirelessly organizing food and other donations in her north Minneapolis neighborhood. She has literally been leaving her front door open for people to drop off or pick up stuff they need (like that burn cream!)

Now she’s asking for money to support building out these efforts (tents, tables). If you have the means, her Venmo is HaPritch82.

More details about current needs on her Twitter:

As Subway Closures Force People into Packed , Advocates Demand Permanent Homes [VIDEO]

"The first time in its 115-year history...New York City began shutting down its subway system overnight. The unprecedented move has left unhoused people who rely on the trains for shelter suddenly with nowhere to go, and made them even more vulnerable as the continues to spread." [VIDEO]

Cooperation Can Be Contagious Particularly When People See the Benefit for Others

"Seeing someone do something good for someone else motivates witnesses to perform their own helpful acts, an insight that could help drive cooperative behavior in communities navigating through the health crisis."

Millions of Americans Lack Access to Quality Parks

"Multiple studies have shown that spending time in green spaces reduces stress and improves physical and psychological wellbeing for adults and children."

"Even within cities, access to green also inequitable, with low-income households and people of color least likely to live close to parks with basic amenities like bathrooms, playgrounds and basketball courts."

Neofeudalism: The End of Capitalism?

"In Capital Is Dead, McKenzie Wark asks: What if we’re not in capitalism anymore but something worse?"

"'We can't plant our way out of climate change,' says Holl, professor of environmental studies at UC Santa Cruz and a leading expert in forest restoration. 'It is only one piece of the puzzle.'"

Empowerment cannot be bought, sold, handed down, or handed up, as these relationships are rooted in authority, dominance, and control.

Empowerment is only possible through mutuality, cooperation, and common ground.

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