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Housing Is How We End Homelessness, Not Police Sweeps

"Using police to sweep homeless encampments or issue citations and arrests doesn’t reduce homelessness or help people find stability. Instead, it traps people in a -jail cycle that is inefficient for public budgets and harmful to people living on the streets. During a pandemic, it’s even more dangerous."

GPS Trackers Reveal Dell Reconnect via Goodwill Exporting e-Waste to Guatemala

"This is the third time we have observed the Dell Reconnect program exporting e-waste in likely violation of the law and/or Dell policy." (PDF)

Discussion of trauma, murder, death; Trump 

'We are resilient': The Activist Sheltering Trans People in Trump's America

"In 2018, I was a participant in the first Black Trans Circles, which was a healing and restorative space for Black trans women and femmes to work through the trauma, grief, and pain we were holding."

Food; cake 

My posts are going to be nothing but what I've eaten way too much of.

Loud video link 

I'm just going to put a single link to LIGHTNING BOLT playing Dead Cowboy in Japan--arguably the best noise rock set of all time--on my CV, cover letter, research statement, teaching statement, etc., and call it a day.

If a potential employer doesn't have good taste in music, I don't want to work there anyway.

Just because you call it a "working group" doesn't mean it isn't a committee.

So tired of applying for jobs. I should just become a blood sucking politician.

Jami is a free open source alternative to Skype, featuring video chat, audio and messaging. You can follow the project here:

➑️ @Jami

Jami is available for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux. You can get it from the official site at

It works peer-to-peer, so calls connect directly instead of passing through a server.

#Jami #Skype #Alternatives #P2P #VOIP #Calling #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre

This New York Program Is Getting Ahead of Homelessness 

"Many studies have shown that it is difficult to transition from to being housed....[and] where solving homelessness presents many obstacles, many places have found prevention to be a better solution."

Unwound’s Vern Rumsey Has Died 

"Vern Rumsey, who played bass in the great '90s/early 2000s post-hardcore band Unwound, has died. He was 47."

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