Hi everyone! I'm a community organizer & PhD candidate in Social Work at the University of Georgia (US).

My research mostly lies at the intersections of community organizing, ecosocial welfare, & mutual aid.

It is action-focused, so my work intends to translate to practice literature that is easily accessible. I hope to continue community organizing praxis based on my research.

I'm looking forward to meeting other scholars in this area & working across disciplines. 😀

@joelizlar hey I’m just saying hey bc I also live in Georgia. Welcome to the fediverse.

@joelizlar Hi welcome!

If you're new here, be sure to read our Community Standards:

The rules are different here from other instances, and it's not everyone's cup of tea

But if you read that and think "yes I'm in the right place!" then pull up a chair and make yourself at home :)

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