The Colorful Fridges Popping Up on American Streets [VIDEO Link]

"In the US, more than 50 million people experienced hunger in 2020, up from 35 million the year before. The Biden administration is taking steps to address the food crisis but that will take time. Meanwhile, communities have filled the gap, by coming up with novel ways to feed those in need."

Discussion of trauma, murder, death; Trump 

'We are resilient': The Activist Sheltering Trans People in Trump's America

"In 2018, I was a participant in the first Black Trans Circles, which was a healing and restorative space for Black trans women and femmes to work through the trauma, grief, and pain we were holding."

This New York Program Is Getting Ahead of Homelessness 

"Many studies have shown that it is difficult to transition from to being housed....[and] where solving homelessness presents many obstacles, many places have found prevention to be a better solution."

Student Linux Club Refurbishes Computers to Support Distance Learning 

"Prior to the shutdown, the Penguin Corps gave away six computers. Between March 16 and the first week of May, we gave away 60 computers."

Food Not Bombs: What to Know About the Free Meal Collective 

"The organization has been called a 'food terrorist' group. Its members have been arrested and harassed by the police. Their activities? Regularly distributing free vegetarian and vegan meals to local communities around the United States."

A Square Mile of 'Ready for Anything'

"When you have humans and you have heart, you're pretty much used to doing what you have to do to make things happen."

COVID-19; Food Justice; Organizing Community 

"The Neighborhood Resiliency Initiative has been formed as a grassroots response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting economic crisis. To increase the local fresh food supply, all that is needed is land and people that have the knowledge, resources, time, and physical ability to cultivate that land!"

The Curious Case of the Antidepressant, Anti-Anxiety Backyard Garden

"Whether it's microbes in the dirt or fresh air—or both—researchers do know this: is strong medicine."

Urban Land Could Grow Fruit and Veg for 15 Percent of the Population

"Growing fruit and vegetables in just 10 per cent of a city's gardens and other urban green spaces could provide 15 per cent of the local population with their 'five a day', according to new research."

The Basel Action Network (BAN) have released a revised verson of their E-Stewards certification for transboundary electronic recycling and dispoal. The most notable addition is the random auditing of recyclers through GPS tracking devices.

Link to Document (PDF):

America Has an Infant Mortality Crisis. Meet the Black Doulas Trying to Change That

"A report earlier this year from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that over 22,000 babies died before their first birthday in 2017. But the racial disparities tell their own story: Black women’s babies died at a rate of 10.97 per 1,000 births – more than twice the rate for White, Asian or Hispanic women."

The St. Petersburg Vegans Cooking Up A Revolution

"As enters its 20th year under the authoritarian leadership of Vladimir , St. Petersburg's anarchist community thrives. Hated by the far right and out of tune with Russia's prevailing nationalist mood, the activists have created a version of what their ideal society would look like - and they're promoting this vision with delicious food."

The Teens Fighting to Save a City from Toxic Air

Three students launch a bid to tackle Pakistan's government head-on in the fight against pollution.

If we channeled all the energy wasted from working to elect politicians and toward mutual aid and organizing community, communities would be healthier, stronger, and more connected.

Ceding agency to politicians--no matter how well-intentioned they are--is ultimately disempowering.

As Disasters Worsen, Cities and Researchers Eye Social Resilience

"To improve their social and psychological resilience to disaster, experts recommend that individuals be informed, volunteer if possible, and stay socially connected."

In Detroit, A New Type of Agricultural Neighborhood Has Emerged

"Our purpose is to get Black people working on their own behalf...that is not to say that garden leadership has to be exclusively Black, but in a majority Black city, we hope that the gardening organizations reflect the population...building gardens in Detroit is to build economic and environmental justice as well."

I'm pleased to announce the publication of "Local-Global Linkages: Challenges in Organizing Functional Communities for Ecosocial Justice" in the Journal of Community Practice.

The article explores ecosocial organizing challenges in a Community Technology Center in a US city, which organized around e-waste and digital inequality.

DOI: 10.1080/10705422.2019.1657536


The Free Permaculture Project are now offering access to educational resources and a year long course on permaculture for free/pay-as-you-can.

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