'We're Not Prepared': Coronavirus Could Devastate Homeless Communities

"The lack of a coordinated strategy for communities could be catastrophic for sick and older people already struggling to survive in tents and overcrowded shelters in , advocates warned."


America Has an Infant Mortality Crisis. Meet the Black Doulas Trying to Change That

"A report earlier this year from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that over 22,000 babies died before their first birthday in 2017. But the racial disparities tell their own story: Black women’s babies died at a rate of 10.97 per 1,000 births – more than twice the rate for White, Asian or Hispanic women."


"The cause of toxic stress is American racism, and that is the principal social determinant of infant mortality disparity...Part of the solution to infant mortality is making sure emotional care is part of antenatal care."

"....For black women in America, the grind of institutional and societal racism generates physiological stress which directly increases the risk of life-threatening conditions for them and their babies."


Separated by Design: Why Affordable Housing Is Built in Areas With High Crime, Few Jobs and Struggling Schools

"Connecticut's approach to affordable housing creates pockets of poverty, where low-income people are locked out of opportunities that are just around the corner."


Air Pollution Nanoparticles linked to Brain Cancer for First Time

"...Ultra-fine particles (UFPs) are produced by fuel burning, particularly in diesel vehicles, and higher exposures significantly increase people's chances of getting the deadly cancer. Previous work has shown that nanoparticles can get into the brain and that they can carry carcinogenic chemicals."


Climate Crisis Will Affect Lifelong Health of Young, Warn Doctors

"The climate crisis will determine the lifelong health of today’s children, doctors have warned, noting that global heating was already causing harm.

Children are especially vulnerable and the global team of researchers say rising temperatures mean the bacteria causing deadly diarrhoea will thrive while poorer crop yields could lead to more malnutrition."


As Disasters Worsen, Cities and Researchers Eye Social Resilience

"To improve their social and psychological resilience to disaster, experts recommend that individuals be informed, volunteer if possible, and stay socially connected."


My article "The Case for Prefigurative Feminist Organizing," in the latest issue of the Journal of Progressive Human Services, suggests that current feminist organizing ideas and practices adhere to masculinist models, and do not offer liberatory or inclusive models for social change.

DOI: 10.1080/10428232.2019.1575089

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