Discussion of trauma, murder, death; Trump 

'We are resilient': The Activist Sheltering Trans People in Trump's America

"In 2018, I was a participant in the first Black Trans Circles, which was a healing and restorative space for Black trans women and femmes to work through the trauma, grief, and pain we were holding."


A saddened sun sets
Behind a lonely firefly
We know what the other is thinking

@greyor I had a similar experience but moreso with 2001.

Solaris is great. I feel it's a film that should be watched alongside 2001, as it's thematically & cerebrally similar, but it has such a different feel in terms of intimacy.

I feel that the space & future of 2001 is clean, clinical, & detached. The space & future of Solaris is dirty, lived in, worn, & intimate. Both films are still oddly hopeful.

I need to read the book. Please let me know yours thoughts on the film!

Food; cake 

My posts are going to be nothing but what I've eaten way too much of.

@greyor What did you make of the 2010 film? I watch 2001 at least once a year, along with Tarkovsky's Solaris.

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