The Colorful Fridges Popping Up on American Streets [VIDEO Link]

"In the US, more than 50 million people experienced hunger in 2020, up from 35 million the year before. The Biden administration is taking steps to address the food crisis but that will take time. Meanwhile, communities have filled the gap, by coming up with novel ways to feed those in need."

@rusty When I was a kid, the same thing happened here (Atlanta, US) for the Olympics.

Indy Moves Camps as Tournament Approaches

forces people experiencing off the street before the NCAA college basketball tournament, citing "public safety."

In Pandemic America's Tent Cities, A Grim Future Grows Darker

"The [corona]virus presents a compounding threat. Not only are these populations some of the most vulnerable to the coronavirus, but by destroying millions of jobs, the pandemic threatens a wave of evictions that experts warn could lead to a catastrophic housing displacement and even more people living on the streets."

Housing Is How We End Homelessness, Not Police Sweeps

"Using police to sweep homeless encampments or issue citations and arrests doesn’t reduce homelessness or help people find stability. Instead, it traps people in a -jail cycle that is inefficient for public budgets and harmful to people living on the streets. During a pandemic, it’s even more dangerous."

GPS Trackers Reveal Dell Reconnect via Goodwill Exporting e-Waste to Guatemala

"This is the third time we have observed the Dell Reconnect program exporting e-waste in likely violation of the law and/or Dell policy." (PDF)

Discussion of trauma, murder, death; Trump 

'We are resilient': The Activist Sheltering Trans People in Trump's America

"In 2018, I was a participant in the first Black Trans Circles, which was a healing and restorative space for Black trans women and femmes to work through the trauma, grief, and pain we were holding."

@greyor Agreed. It certainly wasn't terrible. Cillian Murphy is great!

@greyor Sunshine was really cool except for the ending! ☹️

@greyor I had a similar experience but moreso with 2001.

Solaris is great. I feel it's a film that should be watched alongside 2001, as it's thematically & cerebrally similar, but it has such a different feel in terms of intimacy.

I feel that the space & future of 2001 is clean, clinical, & detached. The space & future of Solaris is dirty, lived in, worn, & intimate. Both films are still oddly hopeful.

I need to read the book. Please let me know yours thoughts on the film!

@greyor What did you make of the 2010 film? I watch 2001 at least once a year, along with Tarkovsky's Solaris.

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