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Climate Crisis; COVID; environmental racism 

Killer Heat: US Racial Injustices Will worsen as Climate Crisis Escalates

"Dangerous heatwaves are exacerbating systemic racial inequalities, with soaring temperatures expected to further disadvantage communities of colour if greenhouse gas emissions keep rising, new research shows."

COVID; ecosocial justice 

What Happens When a Pandemic Meets a Heat Wave

"Heat waves kill more Americans that any other kind of extreme weather, and the communities most affected are low-income elderly adults, households that live in poor neighborhoods, and the homeless — the same populations that are disproportionately vulnerable to COVID-19."

Student Linux Club Refurbishes Computers to Support Distance Learning 

"Prior to the shutdown, the Penguin Corps gave away six computers. Between March 16 and the first week of May, we gave away 60 computers."

Rise of pandemic pods and 'Zutors': parents turn to private schooling amid coronavirus

"Faced with the reality that many schools will be online-only this fall, families look for solutions – which could exacerbate inequality."

Protest; Portland 

'I wanted to take action': behind the 'Wall of Moms' protecting Portland's protesters

"Hundreds of mothers have attended demonstrations and stood as a human barricade between protesters and federal officers."

What did the buffalo dad say to his son as he left? 

Bison. :blobcatcool:

The best community organizers are the ones you never hear about.

Food Not Bombs: What to Know About the Free Meal Collective 

"The organization has been called a 'food terrorist' group. Its members have been arrested and harassed by the police. Their activities? Regularly distributing free vegetarian and vegan meals to local communities around the United States."

Hot take: the homeless are our neighbors, and people deserve to be judged for how they treat their neighbors.

Meet people where they are, not where you'd like them to be.

It's easier to throw a rock than to plant a seed.

Understanding in America

"As economic disruption threatens to trigger a spike in housing instability, here’s an essential primer on the causes and consequences of a thorny urban problem."

We Can Build a Better Food System Through Mutual Aid 

"Imagine if food producers and movements worked together to secure the basic needs of those fighting for a better world for everyone."

They Shut His Water Off Over an Unpaid Bill – and then a Fire Broke Out

"Shut-offs are one of the worst impacts of America’s water poverty crisis. Can Baltimore show another way?"

Intimate Partner Violence 

For Survivors of Violence and Their Kids, a Push to Prioritize Housing

Programs called Domestic Violence Housing First are "prioritiz[ing] housing stability as the first step toward helping domestic violence victims and their families regain control of their lives."

Alongside rent control and affordable housing not attached to means testing, is extremely effective.

New GPG Fingerprint:

CB9F 5486 391D 667A 575B
B308 080C B1D1 E412 DAFE

Instead of asking children *what* they want to be, we should ask them, *who* do you want to be?

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