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During my college education I always had a feeling that maths is being exploited by physics and its branches. Maths is like chained cow in room being milked by physics and being whipped by engineers whenever they approximate some part of equitation. But after a while they all remember who is feeding them into growth.

If you suffered from traumatic event in the past there is explanation for your behavior, but don't expect to just walk away from consequences of your behavior, trauma isn't excuse for you hurting other people.

Today I've defended my calculation of 9 storey building and industrial hall, which took me approx 3 months to do. Feels good.

If you have AutoCad version older than 2016 or 2017 you can do it yourself with command pdfimport, don't share your e-mail address to some random sites.

Fellow students, if you need some PDF imported into AutoCad drawing and you don't want to use that website with limited uploads and which requires your e-mail, we can figure out way for you to send them to me so I can do that import and send them back to you. There is also possibility to save drawing in older formats, like AutoCad 2016, 2013, 2010.

This is "top-down" technique of constructing, in which zero level (ground level) is made first and lover levels are made after one by one by digging and then building around and in construction. Upper levels are made parallel with lower levels and that is main reason for existence of this technique - very fast build. All levels are supported by steel columns that go deeply underground through all phases of constructing. Problems with this technique are high cost and precise calculation of phases

How do you best define infinity? Mine is: time needed to successfully install Windows updates.

You shouldn't feel bad if you spent money on good literature for studies. And good alcohol.

Listen to YouTube videos with screen off, install f-droid and then install NewPipe app (only available through f-droid repository), search for video that you want to play, press and hold it, and then tap on "enqueue on background". Repeat the process and you're making a playlist. Music makes you do your dishes in blink of an eye, this way you don't need to wipe your hands before you touch screen.

For every student that is thirsty for knowledge there is at least one Indian with YouTube videos that covers them, with cute accent.

Common question about old structures is why they last so long and new ones last so short. Old structures are "over-engineered" meaning that some element of that structure (e.g. beam or column) could be 2-3 times smaller in section cut and still be functional for that structure. Today buldings and other objects are built to be tight as possible, because thats cheaper and investors love that. Also older buildings are not that tall, meaning that they are more immune to seismic forces.

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This seems safe as hell messaging app, but you need to meet in person to add someone as contact, you can read more in user manual.

I can only see how much I don't know or don't understand when there is blank white paper in front of me and given task to complete. Blank paper - very frightening.

For the past 2h I've been trying to calculate some shear capacity of some wall. I've spent that much time for 15min job only because teacher who has given us some solved examples never ever calculated that capacity correctly in all those examples, results are not near correct for that part, rest of calculation is fine. Just wtf. Checked with my colleagues, some conspiracy is going on or we are all mad, neither is good.

Relaxing psychedelic/goa music for study or work. My favorite is relax max, indianism and etnic beatnic.

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