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What :Discovery: writers think makes good gay representation 

Fellow scholars, I'm looking for a way/journal/portal to publish methodological details and results from a structured literature search (not a fully qualified literature review) - open access :oa: is a must, open peer review would be nice. Topic is biomedical / medical /health informatics with a focus on laboratory systems. Any ideas or recommendations?

Hey friends

Maybe today you can make a safe space for someone

It also counts if you make a safe space for yourself

Hedgy wrote a blog post!! “Starting out in Business Intelligence” by hedgy_ link.medium.com/iQHlhiPD4U

Introducing Indie Web Server (video)


I just recorded a short video demonstrating just how simple and seamless Indie Web Server really is.

Running a secure development web server is one command. Running a secure production web server is… umm… still one command.

Enjoy! 🤓

Hi folks: I teach composition & creative writing at a community college. My current research interests are the internet ethics & the dreams/nightmares birthed by networks.

Hello World. :msn: I have started studying R on DataCamp and I will also be starting a post graduate course on Statistics in a University. Would anyone have any book recommendations or resources for someone trying to move into Data Science? I have a background in Business Intelligence but interested in Sociology :Boxplot:

Head’s Up! Roll Your Own HTTP Headers Investigations with the ‘hdrs’ Package link.rweekly.org/deq #rstats #datascience

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