Can YOU Fix Climate Change?

"Shifting responsibility from the largest carbon emitters to the average person, YOU, is easier to do than solving the problems. ...

We have just witnessed a global experiment in staying at home, not using transport and consuming less during the Corona virus pandemic and all it did was reduce CO2 emissions by 7% in 2020. ...

The concept of your carbon footprint was popularized by the oil producer BP in a 2005 ad campaign."

Which one was your first #GNU/#Linux distribution? 💻

I will join the today. Mobilization is really important to achieve climate and social justice. Come and join us.

Today is the global #ClimateStrike for intersectional climate justice — see you on the streets!

#UprootTheSystem #AlleFuersKlima #KlimaStreik



The climate crisis is here and is impacting us all, especially the Most Affected Peoples & Areas. We must stand united for immediate, just and concrete action from world leaders!



I have just noticed I have more than 3 years on :BlobCatSurprised:

In the first update for 16 years, the guideline limit for the most damaging pollution – tiny particles from burning fossil fuels – has been halved

‘scientists leaked a draft of a forthcoming IPCC report. It argues that to avert further climate chaos, global carbon emissions must peak by 2025 and all fossil fuel plants worldwide must be shuttered by the end of the decade.’

Undoubtedly true, if not already way too late, but it’s not gonna happen.

I have decided to leave .

The main reasons are very clearly explained here:

Here are the numbers! 🛢️
In order to be below 1.5 °C warming (50 % probability) we need to keep 60 % of all oil and gas and 90 % of all coal underground.

@WMO publishes first Air Quality and Climate Bulletin

“COVID-19 proved to be an unplanned air-quality experiment, and it did lead to temporary localized improvements. But a pandemic is not a substitute for sustained and systematic action to tackle major drivers of both pollution and climate change and so safeguard the health of both people and planet”

This study goes beyond the traditional coated sphere models and has found that the radiative forcing of compact BC aggregates can decrease by up to 61 %.

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📄 Our latest research paper is online. Black carbon optical properties and radiative forcing were modelled for fractal aggregates.


🛢️ La #CrisisClimática ha sido sin lugar a duda causada por la emisiones industriales. Mitigarla mediante la reducción de las emisiones de carbono ha sido el objetivo fundamental de incontables negociaciones. Sin embargo, pocas veces se ha puesto sobre la mesa la idea de detener la explotación petrolera y gasífera.

Lee el más reciente artículo de @jorge

The report on the State of the Climate in Latin America and the Caribbean 2020 will be released during a high level event tomorrow.🌎 The event will be live streamed here: More to come. #ClimateAction


📝 Si eres científicx, tecnólogx, investigadorx, y quieres unirte a la edición de artículos de divulgación para nibö, puedes aplicar completando el siguiente formulario:

#ComunicaCiencia #NuestraCiencia

📹 I am trying to convince someone on the birdsite to use instead of youtube for live broadcasting. However, she needs to stream from zoom. Is that possible? Someone with experience streaming live events on peertube?

Ya la comunidad científica no deja ningún margen a la duda. Las emisiones originadas por la sociedad industrial son las responsables del calentamiento global que nos ha llevado a la mayor crisis ambiental de la historia de la especie humana. Es tiempo de parar las emisiones o enfrentaremos graves consecuencias en pocas décadas.

#CrisisClimática #IPCC #CalentamientoGlobal #ColapsoEcológico

The @IPCC today releases its Sixth Assessment Report, #ClimateChange 2021: the Physical Science Basis at live press conference at 0800 GMT

Find out more about this report:


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