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Si quieres divulgación científica responsable e inclusiva te aconsejo seguir a @niboe #nuestraciencia

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Gracias a un toot de @jorgeluis, veo que #Nextcloud se prepara para irrumpir en el #Fediverso. Nextcloud Social aún en versión alfa.

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I am posting this from my self-hosted #Nextcloud server. I am really happy! I hope Nextcloud social keeps growing and improving!

Regarding prevention of in indoor spaces, experts recommend to:

✔️Ventilate often
✔️Use air humidifiers to keep RH between 40-60%
❌Avoid using masks with exhalation valves
⚠️Do not permanently run UV-C disinfection devices

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The share of electricity being produced with fossil fuels has remained stable since the 1980s.

Such a pain to look at the inaction and the empty promises...
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Stop using "Zoom" as a general term for video conferencing.
Stop using "Google" as a general term for searching the web.

Our new paper shows how similar and stable are Ice Nucleating Particle (INP) concentrations around the world ❄️

:OpenAccess: :doi:

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I’m going to legally turn NixNet into a non-profit and I’m going to start looking for a lawyer to work with on that directly after New Year’s.

Does anyone have any advice? I’ve never done this nor do I know anyone who has so I am completely green.

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@jorge There are good reasons for switching; uptime is probably not one of them. I doubt many services can match Google's infrastructure.

Google services crashed yesterday. Consider switching to alternative email, chat, maps and search services.

From the UNEP report, it is important to highlight what Greta pointed out; is the heart of the

"Global average per capita CO2 emissions for

- Top 1% income earner: **74 tonnes**

- Bottom 50% income earner: **1 ton"**

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The European court of human rights has ordered 33 European governments to respond to a landmark climate lawsuit lodged by six youth campaigners.

🚗 Millions of used cars, vans and minibuses exported from Europe, the United States and Japan to the developing world are of poor quality, contributing significantly to and hindering efforts to mitigate the effects of

GeoPolicy: How geoscience can support the European Green Deal

This document focuses on two of the European Green Deal’s key policy areas, biodiversity and pollution, and highlights how the geoscience community can support can support them.

Do you know of any running/jogging app 🏃‍♂️ for Android that I can trust (no data vampire)?

"...there is little to no evidence that contaminated surfaces can spread the virus".

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