“...since 2015, Fiat Chrysler, Ford, Daimler, BMW, Toyota and General Motors have been among the strongest opponents of regulations to help countries meet the 1.5C warming limit in the Paris agreement.”


The world would be a much healthier (and friendlier) place if we got really good at remote collaboration. We don't _have_ to travel internationally to work together.

Answer the survey and RT if you agree.


¿Qué temas te gustaría leer más frecuentemente en nibö?

If you see an open-source project that has support for Twitter (in one way or another, could even be just linking to Twitter profiles in a website theme) but not Mastodon, go file an issue and ask kindly for it to support Mastodon, too.

Let's help this network grow!

Huelga Mundial por el Clima

No sólo los jóvenes participan estos días en los eventos de la huelga mundial por el clima, sino que también lo hacen grupos laborales y humanitarios y organizaciones ambientales de todo el mundo.

Encuentra los eventos cerca de tu localidad:


#HuelgaMundialPorElClima #EmergenciaClimatica #TodosPorElClima

Burgundy wine grapes tell story, show warming accelerated in past 30 years 🍇 🍷

"Until 1987, wine grapes were typically picked from 28 September onward, while harvests have begun 13 days earlier on average since 1988."

📰 egu.eu/news/494/burgundy-wine-

:doi: clim-past.net/15/1485/2019/

Hoy estamos estrenando nuevo diseño en nuestra web 🎉

"From 8 to 10 percent of greenhouse gas emissions are related to food lost during harvest and production or wasted by consumers". 🥡

These people are trying to provide a solution to part of the problem.


Not only Amazonian fires contribute to the Amazon's atmospheric aerosol budget 🔥 African fires are an additional input that arrives as a pollution layer transported over the Atlantic Ocean 🌎⬅️🌍

Our recent paper is online for discussion.

:OpenAccess: atmos-chem-phys-discuss.net/ac

"The carbon footprint of flying business or first is obviously much larger, because you take up so much more room on the plane." ✈️

Statistics suggest that around 15 percent of the population currently take around 70 percent of the flights.


I support the vision of a better, healthier internet from , will you join me? mzl.la/manifesto

An important part of mental health in academia is cultivating a life beyond it. Lately I've been volunteering at the nonprofit bike shop, helping scrap old bikes for parts & helping folks repair their rides. It's really fantastic doing grimey work with my hands!

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