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🦠 La crianza industrial de animales utiliza grandes cantidades de antibióticos para promover el crecimiento y prevenir enfermedades en animales sanos.

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📄 Unas pocas publicaciones en el mundo acaparan todo el conocimiento científico generado, fundamentalmente, con dinero público y limitan el acceso al cobrar altos precios a autores y lectores.
#RevistasCientíficas #Sociedad #AccesoAbierto #academia #ciencia

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I totally love this piece on why everyone needs to start building personal websites again by @laura - eloquently captures all the values I’m chasing in my own scholarship and internet presence without being heavy handed.

La es una oportunidad para desplazar este sistema de consumo. Sé un agente de cambio. @ecologistas

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The increased extent of wetlands in Tropical Africa, especially in South Sudan, is linked to one third of the global emission increase in the last decade.



📷 INPE via Flickr :CreativeCommons: :ByAttribution: :ShareAlike:

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90% of the world population have never flown. ✈️ Aviation’s climate impact is produced by a few wealthy frequent flyers

🚛💨 "A disproportionate amount of NOx emissions from heavy-duty vehicles is emitted during the low-speed operation characteristic of urban driving".

Call to participate in the Social Summit for Climate in Madrid
Beyond : People for Climate

Last weekend I upgraded my website from Academic v3.3 to the newest version (v4.6), which includes lots of new features. It was nothing but fun :)

Learn about the Academic theme:

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😷 Cinco países latinoamericanos aparecen entre los 50 con peores índices en contaminación del aire en el mundo según el Reporte Mundial de #CalidadDelAire

😷 🧠 “Toxic air has been linked to other effects on the brain, including huge reductions in intelligence, dementia and mental health problems in both adults and children.”

🌋 Large volcanic eruptions produced exceptionally dry conditions in North America, Europe and Asia in the last millennium.


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"Nothing is really fully correct in this world. However, if you’re very transparent about it, you can always communicate efficiently in the face of criticism. You have nothing to hide; everything is there."

Expertos de todo el mundo advierten sobre un "sufrimiento humano sin igual" si no se actúa con cambios radicales para reducir las emisiones de dióxido de carbono y otros factores nocivos.

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