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Any environmental or sustainability scientist/researcher here who could be interested to join us preparing an article to express our concerns about the possibility of a presidency in ?

We already have a working draft and need people to edit and endorse the doc.

“I think we are headed for a very dark period in the history of ,” says Paulo Artaxo, a climate change researcher at the University of São Paulo (USP) in São Paulo, Brazil. “There is no point sugarcoating it. Bolsonaro is the worst thing that could happen for the .”

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When you’re distracted from your work, what are the main websites you end up doodling around on?
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Facebook? Twitter? Masto verse? Reddit?
#attention #focus #SocialMedia #productivity

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"A proposta para o abandonar o Acordo de Paris sobre o controle de aquecimento global é uma das ameaças com consequências mais irreversíveis." is looking for researchers from the interested to write about their . They would provide translation to Norwegian.

Please consider contributing to the project nibö. A research communication website for Latin America, the Caribbean and Spain.

A mastodon fork where toots could be categorized as "publications", "presentations", "posters", "updates", etc. That would be a killer

Europe is planning to build miniature CO2-monitoring satellites to determine whether nations are meeting pledges to cut greenhouse-gas emissions.

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A word of warning for the privacy conscious:
"Mathpix’s optical character recognition technology is being used by a number of companies like WolframAlpha, Microsoft, Google, etc. to improve their tools’ image recognition capability while dealing with math symbols."

A word of warning from a seasoned writer of LaTeX:
Trying to make one small change to someone else's LaTeX rendering of an equation can be very difficult. It's easier if you wrote the LaTeX yourself. So, it's worth learning.

For users:
Convert Screenshots of Equations into LaTeX Instantly With This Nifty Tool

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The new IPCC meta-report about a 1.5°C global warming is out [1].

If you are unfamiliar with this kind of reports, they materialize the scientific consensus regarding climate change.

Very very short summary about the new figures (expect more details as I read along the report).

If we want to limit global warming to 1.5°C by 2050, CO2 emissions needs to decreased by about 45% by 2030 before reaching 0 by 2050 (very unlikely if you ask me) though carbon capture.

As a remainder, we can expect >3°C warming if we keep following the current pathway. As a matter of scale, the median temperature difference between the ice age and our pre-industrial period is also about 3°C.

Just read the abstract and headline statement so far, you can expect a more detailed review shortly ;)


This is really frightening. Scientists are worried about an U.S. program that pretends to use insects as bioweapons

Nature editorial on

Knowledge generated in partnership with the public and policymakers is more likely to be useful to society and should be encouraged.

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