Hi scholars,
How often do you get "academic" phishing emails? ✉️

@jorge me? Never. I'm not a doctor so probably don't count as I can't send a whole research budget as publication fee.

@marcjones 😆
I just got one from a "Chinese student" but it is the second or third time. I guess professors get a lot of those.

@jorge Mechanical engineering. After a couple of months it stopped, thankfully.

@ondiz I guess my field is not so important to spammers and similars. I do not get so many emails like you. I guess they have some keywords to scan and attack :D

@jorge Lucky you :D

In my field we're receiving "offers" to publish (paying, of course) continously...

Every day, more or less. Most is from journals, second most about conferences, then lastly from usual spammers, eg 'I want to start a project with you, let me know'.
Then we have the organised comapny spammers I will never use: research gate, authorea, and wolfram. They are aweful (not only) for these practices, and it is illegal in many places.

@gumcap I see, I also get quite a lot from those predatory journals and conferences. 😅

@data I get a lot but from predatory journals who really exist and publish some junk 😆
I don't count them as "phishing" but it is kind of similar.

@jorge I get an email about every day telling me I've been accepted into an honor society for undergrads. The only thing I can think of is that they want my information.

@jorge not enough to counterbalance the impostor syndrome

@jorge At least once a week for a while. It's slowed down recently. Or maybe the spam filters are working better. I'm a university librarian, so I guess I'm not firmly associated with a single field and I get everything from engineering to health care (rarely library/info science, however!)

@jorge i've never published and have very little searchable paper trail linking me to academia but i probably see a dozen invites a year* to "conferences" or paper submissions with vague topics that, if you squinted, could probably apply to basically any field. i have a .edu email address and was an instructor for one semester five years ago.

(* might be more, most of it ends up in my spam folder and i don't even see it)

@jorge it's pretty regular, several times a week I'd guess. Possibly it's due to my e-mail address being exposed on the university web site. At this point, I don't know that it can be prevented, probably just managed.

@jorge pretty much daily. often it's with a link to a previously published paper, which *apparently* fits perfectly into one of their journals/conferences ;-)
typically they also offer discount and unbelievably short "review" times... 🤦‍♀️

@martin oh, I don't get such sophisticated emails 😄

@jorge should I ask them to add you to their list? :)

@all just make sure you do not click any link (including the unsubscribe link), as this usually confirms/validates your mail address, which potentially results in only much more spam...

@jorge Two or three a month, I reckon. Often relating to something I've just published.

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