I have decided to leave .

The main reasons are very clearly explained here:

@jorge thanks for sharing, it's scary to say the least

@June @jorge it does! luckily i haven't done much with matrix yet, so it's easy to get off it (which of course doesn't help to remove the metadata already sent)

@Stoori @jorge i'm just getting started with a group that uses it. this is very concerning.

@jorge @steko I wasn't able to read on as the text starts with too much whispering that easily connects with antisemitic conspiracy thinking. (And no, it does not withdraw you from responsibility if you add - while reproducing it - that it might be FUD.)


@matrix Have you publicly acknowledged or commented on the data collection mentioned here?


Aerosol scientist makes decisions based on FUD?

@KitKat I make my decision based on a compromised tech that does not seem to guarantee privacy. I would stick to my old friend XMPP.

@jorge Honestly it’s a massive pain in the ass to set up correctly anyway. I maintained a Matrix server for a bit over a year and there was always something wrong with it or its federation. This is just another nail in a long-dead coffin to me.

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