I didn't know did this. Does this count as being paid to review?

> As a reviewer you are entitled to complimentary access to references, abstracts, and full-text articles on ScienceDirect and Scopus for 30 days.

Here's another incentive, from / :
> Energies maintains a rigorous and rapid peer-review process. We understand that you have many demands on your time. Therefore, we offer reviewers who provide comprehensive comments within one week a discount voucher code up to 100 CHF, which can be applied to a future submission to an MDPI journal. The vouchers are valid for up to two years and issued to reviewers before final decision (accept or reject) by the external editor.


@mburtonkelly Interesting. I refrain from publishing and reviewing for because they have quite a "predatory" publisher strategy. Although, they have been removed from Jeffrey Beall's list.

By chance, I found this comprehensive discussion about their publishing and business strategy:

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