Indigenous lands are the most effective in preventing deforestation in the forest 🌳🌳🌳

See fire counts and indigenous areas in the map.

:doi: Get the paper at

Good news for the : From 2023, aircraft engine particle number and mass emissions during taxi, take-off and landing will be regulated globally ✈️
—Theo Rindlisbacher

This time we will present a comparison of different soot generators, which are potential candidates to be a used as a standard reference material for light absorption measurements.

Did you already see the insanely beautiful Map of the by Eleanor Lutz? 🌌

She published the code and a tutorial on how she made it. ❤️

Open call for two PhD fellowships at University of Puerto Rico 

First day of carbonaceous conference today in Vienna. It started with an ice-breaker evening, which was actually pretty nice. We had a nice view to the city (see pic). It is a rather small conference (~120 people). Lots of known faces and famous people around. 🙂

Let's make a contest! 🏆
See who finds the ugliest academic-related logo design.

I will start with this one 😄

First thing I did this morning: take pictures of this beauty 🌚

Do you know 2019 is the international year of the periodic table? ⚗️

Look at this nice representation by C. R. Nodder (1920)

Here you can find many other ones:

USA, China, Russia, Australia, Canada fail to fulfill Paris Agreement goals. Leading to +5 °C warming!


Some members of LAECESS are attending SAMLAC 2018 in Puerto Rico. I have prepared a poster for introducing LAECESS to the community. Here you can have a look.

If you want to know more about LAECESS:

If you want to contribute with a coffee: is looking for researchers from the interested to write about their . They would provide translation to Norwegian.

Asking for contribution 

Science scholars and environmental history 

New #scicomm blog 

Logo I have designed for the Latin America Early Career Earth System Scientist Network

Our recent study on light absorption over central Amazonia was published today on ACP :oa:

The significant increase of black and brown carbon during El Niño 2015/6 shows how the atmosphere can be affected if warmer and drier conditions are more prevalent in the future.


The High Cost of Hot

"As temperatures continue to climb, so will the cost of associated electricity bills and the demand for air conditioning our homes and places of business increases".

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