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Indigenous lands are the most effective in preventing deforestation in the forest 🌳🌳🌳

See fire counts and indigenous areas in the map.

:doi: Get the paper at

[Paper] Our most recent study is already online. This time we found high concentrations of from πŸ”₯ in the lowermost . Important implications for regional .


The paper is :OpenAccess:

Attending a colloquium by Nature on how to publish in their journals. Anyone from the community interested to raise a question to this publisher?

If you are interested in , science or atmospheric chemistry, you should have a look to our recent paper.

It shows how a sulfur dioxide plume emitted by the Nyamuragira πŸŒ‹ was transported over the Atlantic Ocean all the way down to the Amazon 🌿

The paper is :oa:


"To help some of the newcomers make connections: name 5-7 things that interest you but aren't in your profile, as tags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same."

Hi, I am a Venezuelan researcher studying the atmospheric particulate matter or aerosols. My PhD thesis was about the light absorption of black and brown carbon. I am currently studying combustion aerosols and their chemical and optical properties from a metrological perspective.

Other of my interests are , and .

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