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Harnessing the infrastructure
for an efficient African response to COVID-19

Taken from @AfricArxiv on the birdsite.

:rstats: Si quieres entender y analizar la pandemia de , nada mejor que hacerlo tú mismo en R. Aquí algunas cosas que he hecho estos días.

Für die italienischen Wissenschaftler ist damit erwiesen, dass ein "wirksamer Vektor für den Transport, die Ausbreitung und die Proliferation von Virusinfektionen" sind. Sie selbst sehen eine Korrelation "zwischen der Überschreitung der gesetzlichen Grenzwerte für PM10-Konzentrationen im Zeitraum vom 10. Februar bis 29. Februar und der Anzahl der mit infizierten Fälle, die bis zum 3. März erfasst wurden".

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This bookmark button is a new feature? 😮

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Folks in the US better be campaigning for Bernie

Somehow, plastic became the most popular representation of pollution in the pop culture instead of CO2, methane and other climate pollutants.

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predictive maps should become the memes of global warming... 

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@vickysteeves Our scientific libraries in The Netherlands and Germany are really good. You read books for the basics, so the selection of high-quality works is more important than being current. The state of the art is in scientific articles. @jorge

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@jorge I'm shocked most people go to libraries because our ability to collect textbooks has been limited

this must be course reserves?

🌊 As makes areas of the US uninhabitable, people are likely to migrate inland into so-called ‘climate havens’. To help authorities prepare, researchers have drawn up a map of where they predict those affected will move.


How do/did you access academic text books during university? 📖


EGU journals: publishing, public peer review and the new EGUsphere :OpenAccess:

Asking for career advice 

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