@thardin yes, somewhat but I think the authors do not make the link with the Gaia hypothesis.

is almost too big a problem to study. The solution? Volcanoes. 🌋

"As has built up in the atmosphere over the past decades, many tree species have also been growing faster. By taking carbon out of the atmosphere and locking it away in their bodies, trees have partially been making up for the CO2 we continue to spew from our power plants, tailpipes, and factories".


1 in 5 #Cities Is About to Have a #Climate Unknown to Any Place on Earth

Scientists from the #CrowtherLab at #ETHZurich have for the first time visualised how these climate shifts will play out on a global scale, looking at how conditions in 520 major cities around the world are predicted to change in just three decades.

"By using optimistic #ClimateChange scenario, we represent conservative changes in conditions ..."



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Against Twenty-First-Century Race .

Scientists claim they can solve racial inequalities in health care through genetics. It's a wrongheaded and dangerous approach: Reading race into our DNA will only make racism into scientific doctrine.


Indigenous lands are the most effective in preventing deforestation in the forest 🌳🌳🌳

See fire counts and indigenous areas in the map.

:doi: Get the paper at doi.org/10.5194/acp-19-8425-20

@jorge There is another rainbow by Ellen Euler and Raoul Poupart that stems from this one.

It's a transfer of this tool scale to .


@jorge Airplanes are super bad on this front as well. Major source of public health issues in airport communities

is the most toxic component emitted by internal combustion engines and it is not monitored nor regulated in Europe. Furthermore, it is emitted by all engine types - not only 🚗

—Andreas Mayer at

Good news for the : From 2023, aircraft engine particle number and mass emissions during taxi, take-off and landing will be regulated globally ✈️
—Theo Rindlisbacher

This time we will present a comparison of different soot generators, which are potential candidates to be a used as a standard reference material for light absorption measurements.

On my way to the 23rd ETH-Conference on Combustion Generated . I kind of like the theme chosen for this edition: "Not just Soot and alone – Detox of all Combustion Engines has to be the Goal" 🚗

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