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Es gibt keinerlei datenschutzrechtliche Bedenken gegen cell broadcasting, im Gegenteil, das ist aus Datenschutzsicht eine tolle Lösung. Diese Einschätzung haben wir zuletzt 2020 auch in Gesprächen mit der Bundesregierung kommuniziert, damals in Zusammenhang mit Corona

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Im Netzwerk Freie Schulsoftware wird nach Austausch zu RocketChat gefragt. Zudem werden freie Alternativen zu AirPlay gesucht, um Videos für die Klasse zu projizieren. Können Sie helfen? Dann laden Sie andere zum Austausch ein: /K

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#TinyCheck is a software by #Kaspersky that allows you to check your device's network traffic for signs of active stalking apps and other malicious activities. It is ment to be installed on a #RaspberryPi with #Raspbian. The results and logs can be saved to an attached USB drive for further analysis and preservation of possible evidence.

#CyberStalking #Security #Privacy #FreeSoftware

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The famous Henk -- lambda calculus -- Barendregt re-enacts his PhD defence which today was exactly 50 years ago!

Some happiness to be shared:

After installing a couple days ago, importing some unsorted PDFs (that now have structure and tags and other such nice things!) and migrating "old" data I just used the "Zotero Connector" feature for the first time to add a completely new paper I stumbled upon online into the collection. Now it is in there and I am happy about this.

Thanks again @arjen for (by proxy) telling me about this.

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Please boost (Just a normal day at the university):

"For a new PhD student we are looking for (temporary) housing where they can register at the municipality. Even if you have accommodation only for a short period, let us know. Also places outside Nijmegen are considered."

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Did you ever wish you could #grep #EPUB​s like normal text files? Have you tried zipgrep and were disappointed by all the HTML tags in the output? Try →epubgrep← today! Get file path, chapter and page number for each match! :blobaww: Decide how much words of context you want around your matches! That’s right, we’re working with words, not lines! :blobhearteyes: We at #epubgrep headquarters do our best to provide you with clean, pleasant output (with TWO different colors! :ablobrainbowdance: ) for all your #ebook-grepping needs! Compile your copy today!

Screenshot of epubgrep, showing…
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Anyone have any advice for upper level language practice? I'm C1 in German but feel like my skills are slipping since I haven't been in a class for a year. I do listen to news and watch shows in the language, and talk with friends, but it just isn't the same as having regular, focused practice in an academic setting.

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(1/5) May 2021 - Summary
Universities in #Mastodon / #Fediverse

Which #universities are in the Fediverse?
Welche #Universitäten sind im Fediverse?

Summary of your responses in 4 posts:
• Official #university profile
• University instance
• Student committee, association & club
• Instances aiming @ #students #scholars #academics #researchers #scientists

#Fediscience maintains a list of Fediverse servers related to #science #research #education & #academia: @VictorVenema

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Anybody out there need 32GB (2x16G) of DDR4-2133 *registered* RAM? Crucial 1.2V CL15 RDIMMs.

I don't own any server boards anymore. Would be happy for it to have a good home, it would make me slightly less furious for not realizing that I needed to buy new RAM when I replaced my old office desktop mobo. Will gladly ship, esp. in EU.

(Why did I have a server board and RDIMMs in my office desktop? I have literally no idea at this point)

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Looking for #opensource / #foss plotting or data analysis programs ("applications") with GUI which are easy to use so that I can recommend them to students with no programming/scripting experience. My own list so far:
- Veusz:
- Labplot:
- Fityk to some extend:
Any additions to this list?

[And yes, there is gnuplot, R, python, octave, ..., but in my universe not everyone can handle those]

Input welcome!

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Umfrage über Hochschulangehörige im Fediverse / Poll about university members in the fediverse

Bitte im ganzen Fediverse verbreiten! / Please spread in the whole Fediverse!

Erweiterte Umfrage / extended poll:

Ich bin Hochschulangehörige*r und nutze... / I'm a university member and using...

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#FollowFriday / #FF recap of this week's recommended follows:

🌟 @AsteroidOS - Linux distro for smartwatches

🌟 @Jami - FOSS peer-to-peer alternative to Skype, available on all platforms

🌟 @violetmagician - Artist drawing fantastic creatures in bright high contrast colours

🌟 @Liberapay - Free open alternative to Patreon, run by a non-profit organisation

🌟 @NGIZero - Funding for privacy-friendly internet projects including the Fediverse etc

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Time for another biased poll.

Do you know what CC and BCC stand for in eMail without having to look it up?

I would appreciate it if you boosted this toot. :-)

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Hey unix nerds. Probably like a decade and a half ago on linux I had a console calendar program sorta like cal, but you could store oneoff or repeating events in a text config file. With the right options you could get a cal-style month, or you could get a list of events for the day or week.

Any guess what it was? Web searches are useless now that shitty content farms have taken over and there's a million sites trying to teach me to use cal or some x program.

So whoever wrote the instructions on how to get the Proton IMAP/SMTP Bridge to work: you just made my day with the example accounts.

I chuckled at the accountname "benjerry", but the secondary email going for "eyescream" had me floored. My digital internet hat is off to you! @protonmail

Can't currently pay you and upgrade to the paid client so that I can actually USE the thing, but the instructions are clear & short (and contain jokes that I enjoy)

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#help - I'm trying to install #Linux on an old Sony Vaio PCG-7154M / VGN-NS21M with Core2Duo T3400, but I'm getting following error with latest xubuntu. Same with Debian 10.

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