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Anybody out there need 32GB (2x16G) of DDR4-2133 *registered* RAM? Crucial 1.2V CL15 RDIMMs.

I don't own any server boards anymore. Would be happy for it to have a good home, it would make me slightly less furious for not realizing that I needed to buy new RAM when I replaced my old office desktop mobo. Will gladly ship, esp. in EU.

(Why did I have a server board and RDIMMs in my office desktop? I have literally no idea at this point)

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Looking for #opensource / #foss plotting or data analysis programs ("applications") with GUI which are easy to use so that I can recommend them to students with no programming/scripting experience. My own list so far:
- Veusz:
- Labplot:
- Fityk to some extend:
Any additions to this list?

[And yes, there is gnuplot, R, python, octave, ..., but in my universe not everyone can handle those]

Input welcome!

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Umfrage über Hochschulangehörige im Fediverse / Poll about university members in the fediverse

Bitte im ganzen Fediverse verbreiten! / Please spread in the whole Fediverse!

Erweiterte Umfrage / extended poll:

Ich bin Hochschulangehörige*r und nutze... / I'm a university member and using...

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#FollowFriday / #FF recap of this week's recommended follows:

🌟 @AsteroidOS - Linux distro for smartwatches

🌟 @Jami - FOSS peer-to-peer alternative to Skype, available on all platforms

🌟 @violetmagician - Artist drawing fantastic creatures in bright high contrast colours

🌟 @Liberapay - Free open alternative to Patreon, run by a non-profit organisation

🌟 @NGIZero - Funding for privacy-friendly internet projects including the Fediverse etc

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Time for another biased poll.

Do you know what CC and BCC stand for in eMail without having to look it up?

I would appreciate it if you boosted this toot. :-)

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Hey unix nerds. Probably like a decade and a half ago on linux I had a console calendar program sorta like cal, but you could store oneoff or repeating events in a text config file. With the right options you could get a cal-style month, or you could get a list of events for the day or week.

Any guess what it was? Web searches are useless now that shitty content farms have taken over and there's a million sites trying to teach me to use cal or some x program.

So whoever wrote the instructions on how to get the Proton IMAP/SMTP Bridge to work: you just made my day with the example accounts.

I chuckled at the accountname "benjerry", but the secondary email going for "eyescream" had me floored. My digital internet hat is off to you! @protonmail

Can't currently pay you and upgrade to the paid client so that I can actually USE the thing, but the instructions are clear & short (and contain jokes that I enjoy)

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#help - I'm trying to install #Linux on an old Sony Vaio PCG-7154M / VGN-NS21M with Core2Duo T3400, but I'm getting following error with latest xubuntu. Same with Debian 10.

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🇬🇧 Today is your last chance to speak out against mandatory #chatcontrol and in favour of end to end encryption in the EU Commission‘s public consultation. Don‘t miss out:

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Bundesnotbremse: Der CCC fordert in Sachen #LucaApp umgehend ein Moratorium, eine Überprüfung der Vergabepraktiken durch d. Bundesrechnungshof & ein sofortiges Ende d. App-Zwangs

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Hello! Scholar.Social is excited to host the second , a free, indisciplinary online academic conference - roughly spanning 7/26-8/4 🌞

We'll be looking for: people to help organize, moderators for the presentations, and presenters! Stay tuned for more details 👀

You can check out past presentations here:

video file via NAS #vlc #linux #windows 

Got a couple video files stored on a NAS, that I can play with VLC when accessing them from several different machines running Win10.
But when I try to play those files with VLC from my machine running Arch:
VLC reports that it could not open the file,
throws error "Invalid argument"
and throws "Invalid NAL unit size (XYZ > 1950)" where XYZ differs per file.

Files play with no issue when copied to local harddrive.

Any suggestions?

Boosts appreciated.

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Hach, ich hatte mich seit meinem kürzlichen Umzug noch gar nicht wieder vorgestellt. 🙈 Na denn: Ich bin Jan, arbeite bei #Digitalcourage in #Bielefeld und helfe bei der Administration und Moderation von via @freiheit mit. Besonders intensiv beschäftige ich mit verschiedenen #Linux-Distris :linux: :debian: :manjaro: :linuxmint: , #Android :android: , #FreeSoftware :gnu: im Allgemeinen und #DigitalerSelbstverteidigung. Daher treib ich mich auch auf so mancher #CryptoParty rum. Wenn es Fragen gibt: Immer her damit! :yayblob:

#Vorstellung #introduction

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Wo finde ich eigentlich das #Modellprojekt mit #NoCovid & Klimaschutz & Fahrradfahren ohne Todesangst? Wäre mittlerweile bereit umzuziehen.

Twitter cross-post about "achievement" 

Feeding the algorithm with the happy news of 2000+ reads on my work, according to ⁨@ResearchGate⁩

This includes a book chapter, translations (GER->ENG), and my BSc & MSc thesis texts.

So, guess who's got 2000+ reads and is eager to write & publish more?

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Instance policy on April fools' day 

Reminder that will not be participating in April fools' day, and a preemptive warning to be judicious in your choice of "jokes"

🍍 Content warnings MUST be accurate and descriptive
🍍 "It was April fools' day" is not an excuse for violations of our Community Standards
🍍 If you do something sexist/racist/anti-queer, even if you do it "as a gag" or "ironically," you are still doing that *in real life,* and will be treated as such

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bibtex citekey regex 

Does somebody have a that will find the citekeys in a file? I want `\cite{foo, bar}` to match 'foo' and 'bar'. This seems like something that would be easy to find, but I haven't found a usable solution. This is my best attempt so far, which works only when there is one key per command:


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