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Rebecca (@RSmith_Psych@Twitter.com) is looking for people to take part in her new experiment "Conversations: Emotion in Motion"!

More info can be found in this poster!💃

If you're in the UK, have NO previous dance experience, and want to take part go here to sign up: ⁨


workshop promotion 

Based on a tweet by

Workshop coming up February 1-3:

online workshop "Machines of change: and value change." Keynotes include Arianna Betti ( @ariannabetti@twitter.com ), John Danaher ( @JohnDanaher@twitter.com )
& Bertram F. Malle. Attendance is free, register and check out the program at:



Note: will use MS Teams according to the sign-up form.

Hey #Mastodon, how can I keep an up-to-date searchable local archive copy of my *own* posts (and possible favourites/bookmarks, boosts and so on)?

I'm aware of @muesli's nifty mastotool¹ (but see issue #9²) ☝️🎩 and several other tools like mav-z³ (that load the static profile export archives), but would be interested in an #API-friendly way to keep my local archive in sync.

Ideas and boosts welcome! 🙏 :boost_ok:

¹: github.com/muesli/mastotool
²: github.com/muesli/mastotool/is
³: github.com/zero-mstd/mav-z/#si

My :python: #mastodonpy :python: based discourse-visualization now has author colors, author names, and links to each #Toot included.

I just uploaded the #jupyternotebook on @codeberg :codeberg:


It should be applicable to every conversation by changing the value of `root_id`.

If you have questions, feel free to ask.

#datascience #opendata #fediverse #python #visualization

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I've found some research about Mastodon!

Rethinking the ‘Social’ in ‘Social Media’… on the Social Network | Liu et al (2020) | New Media & Society:

- The structure of Mastodon enables community autonomy
- Mastodon’s open-source protocol allows the internal and technical development of the site to become a social enterprise in and of itself
- Mastodon helps us rethink ‘the social’ in in terms of topology, abstraction, and scale.


Today marks 9 years since the death of Aaron Swartz. Rest in peace.

Moshe Vardi's message to computer scientists: The very idea that each paper publication must involve conference travel is not morally acceptable anymore"


Backup software advice 

I need a backup software in GNU/Linux. My requirements are:

- free software
- based on standard programs
- support for full and incremental backups
- User simply see the files (I don't need to uncompress or mount those as special file system)

So, for example, I drop borg from my list.

Any candidates?

Codeberg is a truly free and open-source service replacing Github for those who don't want to have their code recycled and sold by Microsoft line by line.


The service is built on the excellent open-source Gitea project, it's funded an maintaned by a community of users.
learn more from @codeberg :)

#Git #Github #Microsoft #Gitea #Codeberg #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Libre

I often look for public domain sheet so that I can or perform with music that is not copyrighted. Would love to hear if anyone else is working with public domain music and what your favorite public domain are.

I just created a account and have to say: whoever is in charge of the sign-up procedure has my thanks!

When seeing the captcha I frowned, thinking: "Oh no, will have to enable all sorts of third party scripts, cross site scripts, etc. now for this to work."

Most are disabled by default here. Usually takes me a couple page reloads to get these things sorted on other sites.

Not in this case, here it all just works! 👍

No third party involvement there.

Thanks @codeberg

Some of you know I've started a blog called FOSS Academic (fossacademic.tech). I'm exploring life as an academic who tries to use as much free and open source software as possible. You know, being a lonely humanities Linux user at a university.

I'm writing to solicit questions people might have about being a FOSS Academic. Or maybe to solicit comments on the FOSS Academic Lifestyle Dream. Not that I know all the things, but I'm curious what questions people have about this area, if any.


Hello diaspora* friends,

I have an unusual request. To get this request fulfilled by someone on diaspora* would be about 1 chance in a billion! But, let's give it a try...

I need a photo of the Southern Railway depot in the town of Valdese, NC. The photo should be, preferably from the 1950s, but 1940s or 1960s will be okay, since ole timey train depot's changed very little over the years.

Please share this message with your diaspora* friends and any other social media platforms that you use.

Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas.

Here's to you, @davidrevoy

You do not know me, but you helped me tremendously.

Thanks to your content I learned years ago that digital art works on Linux and does not necessarily need a Mac.

Recently, one of your videos informed my choice when looking for a new graphics tablet.

And your written review with instructions helped me set it up in about 30 minutes, on a different distro, so that I could get started.

So here's my first creation in

Thanks @krita and thanks @davidrevoy

We are planning to move our Mastodon account to another server: #Fosstodon You can follow it now: @funkwhale

Boosts are very welcome :)

Linux users: what’s your distro story?

I got started in 2017 with GalliumOS on a Chromebook. After I got used to XFCE and Ubuntu, I decided to install XUbuntu proper on my main laptop a few months later. Then a few months later in the midst of my first year of college, I decided to switch to Arch, which I used until 2019. I’ve been using Fedora since then.

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