Proud to announce: tenacity pays off, I am moving up in the academic pyramid! Starting in September my next step will be as a candidate over at University. 🥳 I get the opportunity to work on human factors in organizational , supervised by Kate Labunets and Slinger Jansen.

Looking forward to expand my network with new connections. Anyone from here on Mastodon? :boost_requested:

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Image credits are in the alt-text, but to re-iterate:

"C3 Framablog" by David Revoy, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0

Thank you @davidrevoy

@jpvanacken Hi Jan, I am from Utrecht and living in Utrecht and being CISO is one of my roles :).

@jeroen I see you come with "a passion for espresso and tech" and have some cool stuff running on that server of yours? We *definitely* have to talk some time! (Wat trouwens ook best op z'n Nederlands mag!)

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