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I'm a PhD candidate in Medical Biophysics at the University of Toronto studying epigenetics and cancer. Math and physics background taking a step into bioinformatics and evolution

Now is the time to make sure you are going to adjust to living differently. If you're worried about your work, know that your work will suffer more if you don't take the time now to make sure that you and your loved ones are ok. The best thing you can do right now is stay home, take some time, and think about how to prepare yourself for the next couple months

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I've seen a lot of things about how to remain productive, working from home, etc. But I think it's worth mentioning right now that changing your entire day-to-day behaviour is not always easy.

If you need to take a few days to separate from your work, take a break from the news, check up on family and friends, and make sure you have enough supplies to last for a couple weeks, do it.

One unsuspended source of pleasure: reading my way into a neighboring field, learning the contours of debates that long preceded me.

Dear university computer science/informatics/infosec programs of the world, stop letting students graduate without command line experience. We still need that experience.

> I appreciate journals making Covid19 work open access, and I hope when this is over we don’t forget that their logic in doing so tacitly admits that their traditional model slows down the advancement of science

As a long time user, I've recently switched to , particularly for . Transitioning between them was a bit confusing, so I wrote a small blog post answering some questions I had while trying to figure out how to think about using emacs

Out today in the journal International Affairs, my article on Mapping Religious Environmental Politics. The model + analysis there is especially for folks in public policy seeking to better engage with religious groups on environmental policy With special thx to my colleague Katherine Brown for editing!

So a new social media site is only as good as your network! Who out there is doing , , , , , ?

(Ça convient également en français : )

Maybe we can get a big thread going?

Every now and against I find I need to filter chromosomes with those "_random" names and stuff out to keep control of my analyses.

I always end up back at this regex testing site to make sure it works with my desired data

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doing physics: "i long for the pure simplicity of mathematics"

doing math: "all of this is pointless! i need context!"

The genome appears to be fully sequenced.

Pick your favourite transcription factor motif and have at it!

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I love the idea of eduroam, but I am almost never able to actually connect to it.

#emacs #orgmode 9.3.6, a bugfix release, is out. Enjoy!

The next release will be 9.4, with new features. Coming soon.

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