Do any of my mutuals use ? I have it downloaded for a class and would love to hear examples of putting it to good use!


@carlcolglazier Similarly to what @bgcarlisle said, it was very useful for organizing documents when I first started doing a literature review and selecting a thesis topic.

I also use the RSS feeds feature to see when new articles are published by journals (avoid email spam from them).

I use the 1, 2, 3 hotkeys for "high", "med", and "low" priority papers to streamline my reading.

I also have a "reading list" collection, with subcollections for each week to organize what papers to read

@carlcolglazier As for add-ons:
* DOI Manager
* Storage Scanner
* Libre/Microsoft Office Integrations
* ZotFile

See for more

@carlcolglazier You should also _definitely avoid_ add-ons that make use of SciHub. Wouldn't want you to find (un)helpful add-ons like and by accident

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