is becoming a lifesaver for me. Being able to write almost any document in an easy and simple format of my choosing, and still being able to convert it to almost any other format? Yes please

@jrhawley Pandoc is my swiss army knife of ALL writing. I do literally EVERYTHING in nowadays.

I use it a lot for keeping notes of analyses and results, and it makes it so much easier to write a brief report and hand it off to someone if needed, it's great. Glad I'm not the only one who's discovered how useful this is

@jrhawley I wrote my whole dissertation using markdown and pandoc. 😉

@jrhawley I don't use for everything, but I really like it for first drafts. I then do final drafts in Word or LibreOffice.

My inhibitions are lower when I write first drafts using a medium I know that I will not be using for the final draft. I used to write on yellow pads, but writing a pandoc file in Emacs has the same psychological effect.

That's how I'm using it right now, too. It's just so easy to start writing and not focus on the peculiarities of formatting. I love LaTeX, but I always end up fussing about with styles and macros. Markdown and pandoc make it easy to just focus on the writing itself

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