Running Clojure in Jupyter is as close as anyone in my generation will ever get to the Lisp Machine.

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If seen from the ISS, a green laser pointer would look like a green star as bright as Sirius.

@C_Daetwyler Instruct the students to describe it as a Carnot engine. This isn't my bag, but I gave a lay explanation of it here. Have the students create an appropriate model that shows the mathematics of this.

Overheard: "My freezer disappeared with the network again!"

I am not sure if this is a general IoT problem or some security issue. Maybe blockchain will help.


A student from several years back just emailed to say he fondly remembered a math problem I gave the class. I am going to buy a lottery ticket.

There's nothing on Earth more painful than watching people protest something they obviously know nothing about but which you are actually, and without hyperbole, one of the world's top-10 experts in the subject.

Who wants to chill with me at the Board of Appeals hearing tonight?

Overheard in the office: "Today is never my favorite deadline."

For the record, I just had no trouble pouring molasses. It went rather quickly, I'd say.

I am pleased to announce that after two years of preparation, including building the facility (the s/o did that), we are hosting Maker Faire Downtown Columbia! If you are in the Baltimore-Washington area, get ready! And message me for details if you want to present!

@esther I love your anti-Soundex twitterbot. Soundex is vile.

I am a data scientist at the Johns Hopkins University. I work in a lot of different spaces, so I try not to narrow it down too much. You can learn more about me at

Hello, everyone! Tell me this place is more civilized than Twitter.

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