What does scholar.social need to develop into a place that is really dedicated to academia and science and to actually be useful for (real) academics?

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Twitter has gained traction in various fields because it is actually useful for news about new papers and developments in your field, and for staying connected with your colleagues.

It requires effort to stay free of distractions there however. I manage somehow with a list only dedicated to my subject, and ignoring politics and heated discussions etc., but I've seen some people stopping to use it because of Twitters goals of driving their attention to non-science stuff and time wasting.

Hi there! I'm a PhD student in computational cognitive neuroscience / neuroinformatics in the Netherlands, working on similarities between human and machine vision - so I am tooting / tweeting (under the same handle) about , , , and some tools that help with all the work, mostly in . I'm also very interested in movements.

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