today: dealt with my first 'need-eye-bleach' blog spam comment in a long time; had to tell someone that we wouldn't integrate a tool they wanted; a 4 hour board meeting; a difficult project progress meeting. OR solving a wp problem and helping back up a site; keeping my team's roles sustainable and student data secure; helping a colleague; moving a project forward. I'm choosing the second perspective on the day but am also very ready for the end of the day.

noticing an interesting looking ed tech job; then noticing that is starts the description with doctorate required and proceeds to list requirements that need experience more than a doctorate... (sigh)

For reasons that I'm not going into, I spent most of last August falling asleep to Technoblade talking about Greek Mythology. It was not my choice and was a godsend in the circumstances. RIP Technoblade and thank you.

So an type question. Are folk publishing OER giving them ISBNs ? and if so and you're creating a pdf do you put both print and ebook isbns on the pdf (as you know if might end up as either...)?

POD Network Annual Conference Call for Proposals. Attend online or onsite in Seattle in November 2022.

I'm covering being our LMS /VLE system admin while we hire a new Associate Director. That has its own challenges but oddly the most difficult part of it for me is that I now get all the separation notices form HR. Watching people leave is hard (it's always good to see colleagues thrive and find new opportunities but not being able to say goodbye to acquaintances unless they mention that they're leaving is surprisingly tough)

And today in unexpected questions: what quiz feedback statistics are empirically proven to be useful to students?

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