I am now moving towards the point where I can create new slide decks by combining parts from existing slide decks and it feels very good.

@kbusse Biete Eldorado (Elektronische Dokumentenverwaltung mit teraDoc) und Hasi (HamburgService-Informationssystem). Ich muss für neue Kolleg*innen immer eine Hasi-Meldung machen, macht direkt gute Laune.

Hier ein neuer Eintrag in meiner losen Serie der putzigen Verwaltungsakronyme:

Das automatische Mitteilungs- und Auskunftsverfahren der Registerbehörde (AuMiAu)

Having a hard time in fighting the urge to join my students shitposting in chat while one of them holds a presentation >.<

Sadly, the paper stack is bigger than the playlist is long. One submission to go, then I'm done!

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One of my colleagues (located in Germany) would like to connect with fellow trans or non-binary people working in history of science (broadly construed) to share experiences and get some general advice. If you are interested in helping out, please contact me via DM.

My review soundtrack for today will be the Song Contest playlist which can be found at fedivision.party/

Fedivision is "our" answer to the , where musicians from the fediverse compose a song for a (usually fictional) country. Voting is done through a bot interaction, so all users of mastodon and other fediverse platforms can decide on the winner.

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Today will be keeping up with emails and stuff and doing paper reviews for , the biggest German conference on and all adjacent topics. I have three reviews open and deadline is tonight 😬

I'm not gonna pull a sprint on it, though, I've learned that much about my mental health (and review quality) in the past. Will email the chairs instead that I'll need 1-2 extra days so they know what's up. Discussions always start slow, so I'm not feeling bad about it.

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Good morning! Yesterday was Bachelor thesis defense day, all of the 11 students I supervised passed with good results. It was less exhausting than I had anticipated and I got a lot of praise for my supervision and mentoring ☺️

Getting to know Scholar Social 

How have we built a community here at Scholar?

🍍 "Study Hall"—we got stuff to do, we got papers to grade. Make a friend, hang out and do them together on video chat for company! (Open invitation to others optional)

🍍 —free, interdisciplinary, online conference that's open to everyone (it's amazing, maybe you'll help out this year?)

🍍 —you're hungry, we're hungry, we're gonna share recipes

Geplante „Chatkontrolle“ der Kommission aus Sicht des Datenschutzes – ein Thread nach erster Prüfung: Der Entwurf der Kommission ist nicht vereinbar mit unseren europäischen Werten und kollidiert mit geltendem Datenschutzrecht.

Ist heute zufällig noch jemand aus dem Fediverse beim heutigen -schen -Tag?

Good morning timeline! I'll be at a regional conference this afternoon, but only as a visitor. Apart from listening to the talks, I'm looking forward to networking with local law experts on the topic, as I come from the technical ( / ) perspective. And there will be snacks!

Back in my student days, the excuse to slack was "it's compiling!" Now, as an educater, my excuse to slack is "it's transcoding!"

Dear Hive mind! I seek papers on Monte-Carlo sampling with custom proposal distributions vs likelihood functions (proposal distributions dependent on likelihood functions). A bit like Hamiltonian sampling methods do but they use a fixed proposal distribution. We would like to develop custom proposals distributions per problem. Methods to create proposal distributions. Please boost.

Veranstaltungstipp zu und in der : Online-Konferenz "Digitale Teilhabe für alle". 25.05., 10-13 Uhr, via zoom. Live-Transkription und Gebärdendolmetscher*in vorhanden!

Kostenlose Anmeldung: linga.nds.de/konferenz-digital

Die @EU_Commission hat gerade ihre Pläne zur #Chatkontrolle vorgestellt. Kommissarin Johansson hat klar gemacht: Auf Verschlüsselung wird keine Rücksicht genommen.


*** Philosophy [in:of:for:and] Digital Knowledge Infrastructures ***

An online philosophy workshop around digital technology in research and education, organised by the Digital Academy at the Academy of Sciences and Literature | Mainz.

If you would like to present a paper, please send your abstract (in English, between 300 and 500 words) to submissions@digital-philosophy.org.

Find all the details here: digital-philosophy.org/call-fo

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