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Dr. Oz might be running for Senate for PA........ learned today that he's a Penn alum 🤩 🤩 🤩 🤩 🤩 🤩 🤩 🤩 🤩 🤩 🤩🤩 🤩 🤩 🤩 🤩 🤩 🤩


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Unrelated but also today, this prof. noted that I was "well-read". These words mean absolutely nothing, but I suppose it was nice to be noticed as I continue to wade through the abstracted morass that is academic theory :p

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Some fun news from today:

Ivan Illich is a key author for my master's capstone (and my broader research area, Degrowth and Technology). In class today, I found out that my professor was a student of Illich's! Apparently Illich would lecture frequently at my school.

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Working on my statement of purpose for PhD applications right now, and I'm still feeling conflicted about the whole prospect of entering a program. I really do believe in the work that I'd pursue, but navigating the hellhole that is academia does not sound appealing. I suppose it depends on the program though 🙃🙃🙃

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more specifically, if my capstone seeks to present a conceptualization of "convivial social media", if my operational definition of conviviality consists of five balances (authentic activity, power, learning, stability, hospitable environment), and if my operational model of social media consists of four components (technologies, organizations, performances, matter-energy), then I'll explore every combination of each balance and component by sublating the dialectic

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Made some really good strides today in clarifying my methodological approach for my capstone! Though if I really want to dot my 'i's and cross my 't's, then I'll need to actually read what Hegel has to say about his approach to the dialectic :TipHat:

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Check out CNC-UM's Disorientation Guide here:

"During Summer 2021, undergraduate students founded Care Not Cops at UMich-Ann Arbor because they believe that the
student body has the power and agency to motivate change on our university’s campus. We wrote this disorientation guide to
undermine and critique the shiny, beautiful narratives sold to you during Move-In week, during orientation, and during the first week
of classes."

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Anyone have thoughts on the new Spaces feature that Twitter's been rolling out? Sat in on a discussion hosted by Twitter's public policy research team which was interesting at times (but also big yikes at times). What would spaces look like on Mastodon? 👀

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Just searched "political economy of TikTok" on google scholar. something something industrial revolution something something consequences

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but yeah fuck the corporatism fueling penn; may this capitalistic stronghold degrow into oblivion

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It's climate week at my school rn and I'm giving a talk tomorrow. I'm more temperate in my critique of the institution and the ideologies that fuel it than I'd like to be, but I figured opening the door for the green neolibs would be more inviting than antagonizing them :p

(i'll save that for my personal socials 🤩 )

Finally reading an article on Mastodon I've been excited to read, so naturally I had to toot! Hello again from rainy philly

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ways to donate to Hurricane Ida relief 

Mutual Aid Disaster Relief - they have a local branch and are there for the long haul

Cajun Navy - local nonprofit mostly made up of fishermen who evacuate people by boat

Update from me for my Fediverse friends:

- Moved to Philly!
- Screened a short film of mine at the 8th International Degrowth Conference in The Hague!
- Also provided (or providing, since the conference is still happening heh) tech admin support for the conference's online component!
- Taking part in a cli-fi horror staged reading on Sunday!
- Sweating constantly!
- Beginning the continual journey of explicitly engaging with grief and developing a practice to embody and navigate grief!

Summer School talk went really well! I've been loving this experience—many thanks to everyone who's involved :)


Times like this are great reminders that there are 7+ billion different social worlds trying to coexist on this planet, meaning I have to be okay when people fundamentally (and oftentimes in bad faith) misunderstand a concept I hold close to me. Also a great reminder to stay off the bird app lol

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Saw a Tw*tter thread full of people completely glossing over the rich nuances and contours of degrowth and now I'm close to spiraling :)))

This is me setting my intention to :SparklesPan: manifest :SparklesPan: this dream

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Dreaming of a co-op that helps its community w/ any digital need, from building durable, repairable hardware to hosting decentralized & federated online social networks, from installing internet infrastructure to offering lessons on digital media production.

Database maintenance, regenerative recycling of hardware, firmly planting the oftentimes nebulous digital realm into the literal realities of local biophysical and social communities—the list goes on and on!

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Coming soon: 2021-07-30 at 9:00 PM UTC

@kclegacion presents:

Convivial social media: A comparative case study of Twitter and Mastodon from a degrowth perspective

Sign up here!

(Graphics by @csepp)

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