Favorite readings on cultural hegemony and Gramsci? 👀

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Anyone know any good alternatives to terms like the Western world/the West/the Occident? I was going to roll with the Anglosphere, but I also want to include non-English speaking European countries, like Spain, France, and Germany.

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im PMSing hard but i'm pretty sure I think america is a failed state and that any hope i have for a better future would by definition be seeking an unamerican future

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Sidenote: I think I'd find "doing the reading" a lot more fun if I imagined myself as a sorcerer-in-training. Reading theory is actually me learning how to cast the spells that dismantle capitalism 🤖 :MagicWand:

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Just finished the infamous first three chapters of Capital, and I'm coming out of it relatively unscathed. I'd like to thank David Harvey for his online lectures, Christian Fuchs for his supplementary book, and the Internet for providing these resources """free""" of charge. Here's to venturing onwards in this venerated tome!

Shooting my shot at a professor across the pond inquiring about cross-Atlantic research opportunities. If anyone has stories about working on research projects internationally, I'd love to hear about them!

(I'd also like to clarify that I'm on here as a user first and foremost! While I am interested in exploring the broader Fediverse for my research, I've yet to begin my program, so no official plan yet haha. If I do end up studying (which I don't think I will), I'll be sure to abide by all of the necessary terms!!)

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Hello everyone! I'm an incoming grad student in the Master of Environmental Studies program at the University of Pennsylvania. I'll be concentrating in Degrowth and Technology, with an interest in exploring how counter-hegemonic forms of social media can help cultivate socio-ecological liberation and flourishing. If there are any degrowthers on here, I'd love to get connected!

I'm also a classically-trained actor who enjoys memes, music, animation, dance, and peanut butter. 🤖

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