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Hi colleagues in Environmental Humanities. Seems like lots of white folks are looking to decolonise their feeds, which is great. Getting educated about -racism and amplifying non-white voices is a good place to start, but please don't stop there.

Found this piece by in aeonmag really insightful: "Urban ethnographers do more harm than good in speaking for Black communities. They see only suffering, not diversity or joy"

Looking for tips from fans. I'm doing a weeks lecture on her work for a class on Religion & Arts - talking about world making as ethics. But I can only assign a short story or individual chapter for student reading. Any recommendations?

It's rare to come across a piece of scholarly writing that I would describe as luminous in its wisdom. This piece, by Dawn Eddings Prince definitely sits in this category. I commend it to you... "An Exceptional Path: An Ethnographic Narrative Reflecting on Autistic Parenthood from Evolutionary, Cultural, and Spiritual Perspectives"


Three least diverse occupations in the UK:

1. Farmers 0.8% (nonwhite)
2. Environment professionals 0.6%
3. Animal care services occupations n.e.c. 1.8%

Report here:


Any academics interested in joining in on action research underway re: this, please DM

Does anyone else find it unnerving to read the news about Russian plans to mass deploy
vaccine match the post-apocalyptic back story for Octavia Butler's book Parable of the Sower?

Just up - my paper presentation at digital on the probs with eco-hermeneutics, the trouble (but isn't it already obvious?) with slaver statues, other-than-human and solutions lurking in Afro-Carribean philosophy.

Well, that's me sorted on music listening for the next 100 years. (click "Discover")


Don’t let the #BlackLivesMatter  protests disappear from our TLs.

This is Minneapolis right now. These protests haven’t stopped.


Yikes. Just discovered whilst adding David Olusoga's book to one of my readings lists for next year that the LOC category for this book is: "Blacks -- Great Britain -- History". , looks like we've got some work to do here?

I'll be chatting about the intersection of the "climate of history" (as Dipesh Chakrabarty names it ) and black philosophy of history in a panel this afternoon. DM for zoom details if you're interested.

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It is well worth reading the recent rant about monuments by Boris Johnson (birdsite link here: alongside James Baldwin's 1968 interview with Esquire. Baldwin could have given this speech yesterday. To the white British public.

I've not been able to find commensurate work (yet?) focussed on the UK or Europe, so if anyone out there has been thinking they'd like to try, zap me a DM. Very happy to put in some work on this, attribution not required.

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If you're still wondering why there aren't more BIPOC in eco-professions (there are, but there should be more!), have a look over the groundbreaking work by environmental sociologist Dorceta E. Taylor, in particular her Green 2.0 initiative

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I've been learning so much from Sonya Posmentier's fantastic recent book, "Cultivation and Catastrophe: The Lyric Ecology of Modern Black Literature" on this. You can find an introduction here:

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Then I'd suggest taking a deep-dive into black eco-poetics. Start with Camille T. Dungy's amazing reader "Black Nature" with 4 centuries of black poetry on nature. More on that here:

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can we hire American Indian Movement folks to do 90+% of "police" work please

"The white teens, who were from Eau Claire, 100 miles east, were seen taking alcohol and groceries by Seward neighborhood residents, according to a widely circulated Facebook video posted by Bobby Headbird of Minneapolis.

The AIM members recovered the merchandise, took the teens’ names and numbers and called their mothers in Wisconsin to come pick them up."

"How do we support Black philosophers in our field?" by Johnathan Flowers:

"For all the efforts for expanding the canon, and even with the APA’s listing of syllabi resources for diversity ..., the organization of our introduction courses, of our field, is still firmly aligned with the view that Philosophy as practiced in the west is the center, and all other ways of engaging with philosophy are to be treated as marginal."

Git's "master" branch is hard coded into the software, though you can use a template to override the behavior:

Luckily, once the branch has been committed to, you can move it to something else with:

git branch -m master main

as per

I hope that Git changes its defaults soon.

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