Another question for folks on the instance... I write in and manage in bibtex using bibdesk, but am thinking about moving to + zotfile + BBT ( which can manage auto export of libraries to bibtex, I gather. Anyone else out there have comments re using Zotero for a bib(la)tex scholarly workflow? It’s important to me that I have access to database in the form of bibtex files.

@kidwellj It’s worked reasonably well for me so far. The only thing is that I have a fairly large zotero library (around 3000 sources) which takes a while to export, so I haven’t set up auto export. This means that I have to remember to export after adding new sources.

@kidwellj I use that set up, without Zotfile. I have Zotero keep an exported bibliography updated. BBT provides that functionality. It works very well for me.

@kidwellj I have a Markdown set up and with a few scripts have the equivalent of BibTeX. I have a Markdown file with <cite></cite> content (and a <references/), which gets "preprocessed" to a .md file. Right now, I often use Wikidata identifiers of articles in the <cite/> but DOI would too. I use citation.js (see to format them into text.

Now, citation.js can also be used to create BibTeX, given the 2nd half of your question.

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