Looking for on running inside a
docker container on MacOS. Working across multiple machines and managing dependencies are doing my head in. Any favourite containers to recommend that I can build on? Seen a good write-up?

So to respond to my own toot (stack exchange style). Looks like it's Docker desktop for Mac ( and customising a forked rocker image ( But would still be glad to hear if others have a different approach to recommend - esp. for geospatial R

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Anyone know if there's a significant computing performance hit when running containerised and RStudio server?

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@kidwellj R Studio Server was going to be my suggestion to an earlier toot of yours, esp if you have a Debian home server already running. I’ve never messed with docker containers on macOS. I set up and use R Studio Server at work (on RHEL) alongside R Shiny Server and have had no issues.

@wj Thanks for confirming my suspicions. The key thing for me is to support reproducible research, so Docker offers a nice way to preserve (and allow meaningful duplication of) a development environment...

@kidwellj I second the RStudio server suggestion by @wj.
Regarding performance, I run several Rstudio server instances each in their own KVM virtual machine on an Ubuntu server with a Xeon E3-1275 CPU and 32GB RAM and for a single user (me) performance has been a non-issue. My guess is Docker uses even less overhead than KVM. But I strongly suggest RStudio server over RStudio desktop. I've a (slightly outdated) write-up of setting up such a system on my blog.

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