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Oof. Big loss. But... (need non-GDPR zone VPN to access).

Choice quotes: "A committee opposing the ballot measure, Pueblo CARES, received over $1.5 million in contributions, and it was unclear where most of that money came from ..."

"Pueblo CARES spent over $1 million mostly on production and broadcasting of television ads locally..."

"Mayor Nick Gradisar said ... that this was the dirtiest campaign he has witnessed in his political history."

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I'm torn but leaning towards all-in-one. I don't feel like mentally separating things into mutually exclusive categories, and I personally try to only post content I'm comfortable with most anyone viewing. And because most of this dilemma would be relevant to the large academic presence on Twitter, I think I will use crosspost to the .

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What are your all's thoughts on (not) maintaining a separation between personal and "professional" lives on social media? Is it important for academics to have a presence in the first place?

sweet, again showing you can lower bills and simultaneously accelerate transition to a 100% clean supply, fingers crossed the vote passes


Last night I got word that one of my funding applications to partially cover my 4th year of PhD study was successful - this is the only funding I've managed to secure so far after plenty of rejections - I'll gladly note this was the same day I joined and was welcomed by you lot (and the research fairy @bgcarlisle 🧐 )

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Happy birthday,! It has been three full years since the instance joined the Fediverse!

Thank you all for sharing them with me!

Hey all!

I'm a PhD student in the UK - academically, I'm broadly interested in (photo)electrochemical and mechanical engineering as they apply to clean energy, grid-scale energy storage, desalination, and clean fuels.

Also keen on policy and politics as they relate to electricity markets, carbon pricing, and dismantling the entrenched subsidies benefiting the oil & gas industry. Other nerd interests include electric bikes, tiny houses/off-grid living, and living frugally.

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