I've enjoyed greatly working with Chinese partners on telling a different story of what is going in in their culture - garlandmag.com.

Dr Frances Flanagan's talk ‘Climate change and the new work order’ adds to the chorus of @mcpaccard questioning the dominance of capital in labour today.

Last year, I made the grim realisation that, as an Open Source platform, Zotero wasn't going to develop. I switched to Paperpile, which has been much better for bibliographic management. Has anyone had a similar experience?

I've just published the Japan issue - 生きている工芸 Ikiteiru kōgei (Living craft). I'm hopeful this dialogue with Japan will take off. garlandmag.com/issue-13/

I edit a magazine/journal that reflects the growing formalisation of craft education, especially in Asia. It is readable at www.garlandmag.com.

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