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Hey everyone. I am a PhD Student in Computational Linguistics. My main research interest is computational linguistics for under resourced languages. I am particularly interested in computational linguistics for Bantu languages because of the extremely complex morphology that they bring to the table.

I am also doing research in sentiment analysis on stance detection and irony/sarcasm detection. Most of my research is on machine learning approaches.

Submitted to ai4edu...

Seems they don't do double blind reviews which is a bit weird to me.

"Hong Kong protests are in their fifth month despite an escalating crackdown. How? One surprising answer: the fate of China's Uyghurs. Many talked to me about it. They watched and learned. They've decided that they 'may as well go down fighting.' My latest." - Zeynep Tufekci on Twitter (

#news #hk #china #uyghurs #protest 🐘

Bragging about publications 

Great primer on using Traits in Julia:

...demonstrating again the amazing powers of multiple dispatch.

Our lead developer was recently laid off from his job, your support via Patreon, Open Collective and other platforms means a lot during this difficult time.

We've come too far to give up now, progress may be slower for the next few weeks.

How do I integrate native libraries in #JuliaLang? I got some answers, building a wrapper for a linear optimization solver along the way

The definitive R package for determining gender from somebody's name has been released! Amazing.

@Cyborgneticz i don't think a "normal" grad student experience exists

Well, it is official.

I am a philosophy doctoral candidate at EINA Center for Art & Design, associated with Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona. :blobpats:

The next batches of the #PinebookPro are now shipping!

The next pre-order window opens on November 5th. A choice of ANSI and ISO keyboards will be available in this batch. So if you've been holding out for a correctly shaped Enter key (can you tell I'm an American? 😉), now will be the time to order!

Well recursion works on my web parser. Would ya look at this gem of a sentence it generated.

> the cat on the cat near the wonderful dog with the wonderful cat near the dog with the dog jumped

President Wotan says that everyone must boost his pictures. And also tell him that he is a pretty cat and a good cat

A professor in the chem department has been running a simulation on all the login nodes of one of the super computers.

It's been two days now.

But also 8.3 billion parameters? Seriously? I can't but help feel like this is designed to sell Tesla GPUs. That's gonna take a lot of VRAM.

The administration caved and our union averted a strike! It's a Halloween miracle!

bad dl joke 

Nvidia is breaking the trend of sesame street themed models with the new MegatronLM.

🎓 Job stuff 

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