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Hey everyone. I am a PhD Student in Computational Linguistics. My main research interest is computational linguistics for under resourced languages. I am particularly interested in computational linguistics for Bantu languages because of the extremely complex morphology that they bring to the table.

I am also doing research in sentiment analysis on stance detection and irony/sarcasm detection. Most of my research is on machine learning approaches.

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Which side of the bed do you sleep on? 🤔


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Did you know that Mozilla is collecting a public domain dataset of annotated speech? This will help develop open source voice-controlled programs. The Common Voice project still needs volunteers both to donate their voice, and to validate other people's recordings.


I just validated a bunch of recordings (English and German) and am happy to report that there are now quite a few female speakers donating.

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I love the idea of people dedicating their time to teach stuff, if people are interested in mathematical optimization or the Julia language, we could setup a stream / discord /whatever works best #orms #JuliaLang




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