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Hey everyone. I am a PhD Student in Computational Linguistics. My main research interest is computational linguistics for under resourced languages. I am particularly interested in computational linguistics for Bantu languages because of the extremely complex morphology that they bring to the table.

I am also doing research in sentiment analysis on stance detection and irony/sarcasm detection. Most of my research is on machine learning approaches.

Rewards for students 

Last time I had a challenge for my students to do, I gave the winning team (the team who created the best grammar given the sentences provided) a tiny alpaca each. I 3d printed them and made sure I used clean gloves to touch them at all times.
Now I'm debating what to give the winning teams for the last challenge I did. I think I'll either give them an elephant that moves or clear blue alpacas.

my online parser's new feature 

My online parser now allows you to use feature grammars!

proposal defense 

I passed my proposal defense! Got some good suggestions too!

early voting line 

Wow this line is about 4 blocks long to vote today.

election + 

Contacted my county clerk to see if they needed help working the polls. They said they had so many people come forward to help that they don't have any more open positions and have a long list of people to train if others back out.

in class activity, bug report 

Switching the form from application/x-www-urlencoded to multipart/form-data fixed everything. However, the damage was done. I don't think students had a good time with the activity. I didn't notice the issue before class though because my solution was more compact than most of my students' rules.

I was just on the edge of having an input that was too large and they pushed it over the edge causing segfault. I should have tried larger posts. Shoulda coulda :(

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in class activity, bug report 

Ugh frustrated with myself. I set up an in class activity on grammar building using my parser but i didn't test thoroughly enough.
It just stopped responding 20 minutes into the in class activity. Restarting the process worked until another grammar was submitted and then the process would segfault, getting stuck in a continuous loop.

My form was using application/x-www-urlencoded and getting overwhelmed when their rule systems got long enough. 1/2

What do people use for long term digital storage?

uspol reminder 

there's a lot of misinformation spreading about the Trump COVID-19 story, remember to check your sources folks

tech concerns 

Thought my hard drive was clicking but it was my cat drinking water.

Louisiana Voting November 1 - abortion 

Amendment 1 is on the docket it's another strike at Roe v Wade.
Vote no to keep abortion (semi)accessible

degree progress 

just scheduled my proposal defense 😎 Should have done this a while ago but at least I am there now.

feeling a fool 

I just looked for a book that I knew I owned for an hour.

Apparently the bookshelf wasn't high on my list of places to look. 🐑

tech difficulties 

My computer would soft shutdown when running a heavy GPU load (bert, 4k gaming). Just needed a good clean and a repaste and it's working fantastic now.
Guess that's something I should check when I buy used GPUs I guess.

hello! i am now taking commissions for freelance video editing work

i have ten years of experience

if you've ever seen that "CYBERPUNK IS NOW" video, i'm the one who made that

you can view my portfolio at verticallyalignedcarbonnano.tu

boosts much appreciated for obvious reasons!!! :boost_ok:

:blacker_heart: :black_sparkles:

CompLing colloquium invite 

The computational linguistics talk series at is getting an exciting lineup this semester!

Check it out at

PM me if you are not from IU but want to participate. :)

thoughts on hybrid teaching 

I don't like this much. I don't really like the uncertainty of it. Wish I would have set up this course to be online only. We'll see though maybe I'll get more used to teaching in person and online simultaneously after I do it again.

open source software for education 

Really like using openboard! Just what I was looking for!

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