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Hey everyone. I am a PhD Student in Computational Linguistics. My main research interest is computational linguistics for under resourced languages. I am particularly interested in computational linguistics for Bantu languages because of the extremely complex morphology that they bring to the table.

I am also doing research in sentiment analysis on stance detection and irony/sarcasm detection. Most of my research is on machine learning approaches.

racial bias present in my training data (haskal tech tip of the day: all datasets relating to people have racial bias) that influenced the algorithm to exhibit the same bias?? in my computer???
couldn't be true

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you ever think about how the machine learning bros literally taught computers how to be racist
that's their useful contribution to society

Hey, universities & colleges: stop surveilling students all the damn time.

& stop calling surveillance "monitoring engagement."

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instance block recommendation

- instance "implemented to help preserve freedom of speech in the United States of America" :freezePeach:

- admin is called MakeAmericaFreeAgain

- admin boosts advocacy for racial segregation

- replyguy popped at me unsolicited to defend the white supremacist uprising in the U.S.


dendrite server up 

I set up a dendrite matrix server and it works pretty great (except no voice or video calls right now).

Definitely has less memory usage compared to synapse even when joining really big rooms like .

Admin controls aren't there yet (e.g. deleting spam/toxic accounts). If you set up your own dendrite server, I would make sure to close registrations.

If you want to test it out, I can make you an account on mine.

job search, Germany, :boost_ok: 

I wonder if anybody out there has an open position they need to fill?

I have 10+ years of experience developing software in C#/.NET and Node/JS/TS/React, but at this point I'm willing to consider basically anything software engineering-related as long as the people are nice.

Especially if it's in Berlin and especially if it involves Rust or Elixir, but anything else would be great too!

This seems like a pretty good attempt to replicate some of the mathematical methods of in .

Does anyone have experience trying to use a package like this for complex computational work in rust?

delta chat question 

Does anyone have delta chat and want to talk to me on it? I'm curious how well it works but I don't know of anyone on it.

@dsv Moxie never liked the idea of decentralization or federation (though he did try it once).

One of the community comment in the Signal issues told to "prove Moxie wrong" if you want federation.

I guess the current situation just did.

matrix homeserver question 

Is anyone running dendrite for their matrix homeserver? It's looking more appealing to me since they added e2ee.

treebanks give me stress 

However, these are not at all like other verbal elements in Swahili. Here's a Swahili verb.


look at all those morphemes!
These copulas are simple mono- or bi-morphemic pieces with no tense information.
I think these need to be copulas.

What to do about the tensed copulas though?
These look more like traditional verbs.
'if it (class 3) won't be'

Should these be considered copulas? If not, I have work.

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treebanks give me stress 

'-mo': an internal locative copula
'yu': a copula for 3rd person animate
'u': a copula for 3rd person human
'ndi-': an emphatic copula
'si-': an emphatic negative copula

These are all copulas according to how I was taught (though I never learned about 'yu' and 'u' since they're rare according to M.A. Mohammed 2001).
This seems like two many copulas given that UD says languages should have at most one.

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treebanks give me stress 

The UD guidelines explicitly state that
>The cop relation should only be used for pure copulas that add at most TAME categories to the meaning of the predicate, which means that most languages have at most one copula, and only when the nonverbal predicate is treated as the head of the clause.

Swahili has
'ni': the "default equative copula
'si': the negated copula
'-na': an existential locative copula '-ko': a general locative copula
'-pa': a specific loc cop

Kudos to our community members for giving talks at conferences. The video of this talk helped someone for sure and maybe several others to become an @opensuse Tumbleweed user. Maybe this talk from @fosdem will convince more people to give #openSUSE TW a try 😀

Bantu treebank representation 

There are now four Bantu treebanks in the works in the UD project (including my Swahili treebank).

This is phenomenal.

Mention of birbsite founder and bad political alignment 

Don't forget

Jack Dorsey is a white supremacist who:

* Verified white supremacists (1)
* Had the ability to identify and remove white supremacists from Twitter for years and never did (2)
* Allowed white supremacists to advertise on Twitter (3)

The fact that they banned Trump doesn't change who he fundamentally is

Twitter isn't good now



A "Resign Hawley" sign painted on the street is pictured during a protest against U.S. Senator Josh Hawley in St Louis, Missouri. Photo by Lawrence Bryant/Reuters.

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