Submitted to ai4edu...

Seems they don't do double blind reviews which is a bit weird to me.

@marcjones In open peer review are the things the reviewers say open too?

@ksteimel yep. Supposed to be constructive. You can still be critical, but hopefully cuts down the stupid reviews. 'I can't believe.... grievance studies...' type stuff.

Yeah I think that would be alright. Also saves you from reviewers who didn't read the paper.

@ksteimel Aren't those easier to talk about than achieve? Aside from metadata in the documents, in many fields everyone knows the other five active researchers and their quirks and citation habits. You can't anonymize "yes, I know your Doktorvater wrote that paper, but you don't have to cite it in every thing you publish!"

@bookandswordblog haha good point. I am still uncomfortable submitting a paper to review with my name on it.

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