hey what's the linux kernels least favourite pokemon? oombreon


Image from page 157 of "Human conduct; a textbook in general philosophy and applied psychology for students in high schools" (1918)



I think there should be a scene revival and we'll call it the rawring 20's

#JuliaLang Paris meetup starting with ice-breaking: half from academia, half from industry. Nice to see a good deal of people who started < 1 year ago

When I impersonate my cat I have a non-rhotic accent.

Impromptu thought:

Actually, a lot of current DL does rely on prior knowledge ; it's just data-driven prior knowledge -- anytime we finetune from a model pretrained on an absurd amount of data (eg ImageNet, BERT) we are leveraging learned priors.

Fair characterization?

my wedding 

Today I am excited about:

LÖVR is a open source, VR game engine made by Bjorn Swenson. As of today version 0.13 is released:


And, of specific interest to me, this is the first version to officially support Oculus Quest!


LÖVR is the basis for the commercial game I've been making for the last year and a half. I maintain LÖVR's Oculus Mobile port, plus this repo (forked from my game) of helper classes and tools:


Dear authors,

Please stop using both ω and w in your equations.

People tired of squinting at papers trying to figure out which is which


@bgcarlisle Thank you!

Now to finish up my dissertation proposal and schedule that. I was supposed to have it done yesterday but no luck.

@bgcarlisle PhD candidacy! The person who approved candidates quit in May so they had a huge backlog.

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