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Kenneth Steimel

Prepping my micro-teaching demo for tomorrow.

The data set size is not increasing to the second power because the outer loop is just doing a kind of conversion. However, the provided code should not result in any replicated data because each iteration is only returning a part of the whole dataset with none of these parts overlapping. The inner loop says get me all files for each category. The outer loop says take each of those files and give me the file id. Assuming there's no overlap in category assignments, there's no duplicate

I am a data scientist at the Johns Hopkins University. I work in a lot of different spaces, so I try not to narrow it down too much. You can learn more about me at

3d bar graphs are usually a bad idea imo.

Hey cool! I could have really used this two years ago in Phonetics class! Praat's scripting language is a very different ball of wax.

Software: A Python Interface for Praat: Parselmouth

The teaching courses so far this week have been great. Except for the academic honesty course the college just put on. I had to fight falling asleep almost the entire time.

Going through instructor training this week. Next week I'll be teaching introduction to language.

I think I can do this.

Went for a walk around Leonard springs with Lindsay. Apparently, this is where b-town used to get our water from.

This is a picture taken from the top of the old dam looking at what was once the bottom of the resivoir.

Hi all! I am a Ph.D. candidate working with geophysical turbulence, shallow water equations and fluid mechanics in general. I am also a big FOSS enthusiast and I actively participate in a couple of Python related projects: , , to name a few.

Anyone going to the week after next?

Looking for someone to hike with before the conference starts.

Or if you've been to Santa fe and know cool places to hike I'd be interested.


Check out this old video of, what I think is a moth that I found looking through my old photos . It looks like it's impersonating a bee.

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Anyone out there using containers with gpu access?

I have a set-up where I give some of my friends access to containers on my machines and give them sudo so that they can install what they want. If they mess up, I just revert to yesterdays snapshot. However, this was using lxc containers without access to a gpu.. I'd like to put myself in a container as well. I'm just not sure if something weird happens when using cuda inside of an lxd container.

Allô people. I'm a historian, going into a MA's degree in geography next year. I'm currently working issues related to California, its wine industry, and its relationships with Mexico and US. I'm into wine and coffee, greetings!

Hiya, Mastadonians! Just a quick introduction. I'm new here and just getting started. I'm a professional numismatist and avid reader of anything pertaining to ancient history, art history, and the study of cultural anthropology. These are just a few topics that stimulate me as I have broad interests. I intend to follow many of you here and I hope to constantly be learning new and interesting things from anyone willing to share from their knowledge base.

Hello, I'm a food science researcher at a food technology NGO. I specialize in food traceability, the ability to track ingredients and products from farm to fork. Current trends include advances in seafood and produce traceability, IoT, and of course . Would love to connect with other food scientists, microbiologists, and ag econ folks!

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