hardware victories 

Got pytorch running on opensuse tumbleweed with my main desktop and that vega frontier I posted a bit ago. It seems to be working very well.

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Julia because it's quite fast, super easy to run parallel/distributed and I like the type system. I do need to find a good linter though.

FYI You can nest <details> tags within <ul> and vice versa to create a collapsible tree menu without JS or CSS


paper review complain 

Kind of. They got accepted the first time though. Then they self plagarized at a new journal. I rejected that. They resubmitted with a new experimental setting glued on but no effort to connect the two sets or experiments, explain the rationale of the second expt and bad writing in general so I rejected that. Now they've submitted again.

re: automotive woes 

@drwho Yeah I'm not sure why some included sensors and some did not. Luckily, I was able to return the ones without sensors.

automotive woes 

I have now bought three sets of brakes for my car. All three are the same part number. However, the first two didn't include wear sensors and the third one did. Hopefully i'll get new brakes this weekend. My rotors are really lipped.

paper review complain 

Just got asked to review the same paper for the third time. I kind of want to say no.

deceptive words 

Typical -> Atypical
Steroid -> Asteroid

idea for a band 

A mathcore band that uses the morse code versions of the lyrics to generate the rhythm.

local hate crime, violence 

Hopefully this raises national attention and these racists get arrested. It's completely ridiculous they weren't even charged/arrested.


IMPORTANT: Synapse 1.15.2 is a security release with fixes for two separate problems. Upgrade now and read more at matrix.org/blog/2020/07/02/syn

reading groove (-) 

TIL Orson Scott Card is horrible.

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There's an extreme overclocker who showed that you can put the compute module in a computer's pcie slot if you tape off the right pins

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