@halcy it's just decided to become a neural phantom locator

book idea 

linpack benchmark new threadripper 

Weekend trip mention 

Yeah I think that would be alright. Also saves you from reviewers who didn't read the paper.

@marcjones In open peer review are the things the reviewers say open too?

@bookandswordblog haha good point. I am still uncomfortable submitting a paper to review with my name on it.

Submitted to ai4edu...

Seems they don't do double blind reviews which is a bit weird to me.

Sorry to bother you,
Is there a setting to make emails not expand when inside a verbatim block?

Web and Nextcloud hosting 

"Hong Kong protests are in their fifth month despite an escalating crackdown. How? One surprising answer: the fate of China's Uyghurs. Many talked to me about it. They watched and learned. They've decided that they 'may as well go down fighting.' My latest." - Zeynep Tufekci on Twitter (twitter.com/zeynep/status/1194)


#news #hk #china #uyghurs #protest 🐘

Bragging about publications 

Let's see a citation on that. All modern processors scale back their frequency with heat and power constraints and they do it hundreds of times a second.

People have literally ran cpus bare and they downclock or shut off but they don't brick the system.

Great primer on using Traits in Julia:


...demonstrating again the amazing powers of multiple dispatch.

Our lead developer was recently laid off from his job, your support via Patreon, Open Collective and other platforms means a lot during this difficult time.

We've come too far to give up now, progress may be slower for the next few weeks.

How do I integrate native libraries in #JuliaLang? I got some answers, building a wrapper for a linear optimization solver along the way matbesancon.github.io/post/201

The definitive R package for determining gender from somebody's name has been released! Amazing. dapperstats.github.io/gendrend

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