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Giving a guest lecture on Computational Linguistics today. Fingers crossed

Stan Lee was to Generation X what Walt Disney was to baby boomers. His cultural impact is almost immeasurable. He died today at age 95.

There’s mounting evidence that our personality is written, quite literally, in the language that we use, from the tweets we send to our choice of email address.

Costs 137$ to legally change my name to J'-'-

Remember that in 4 hours we're live. If you have questions or want to follow the process connect to

holy crap i just learnt my art show photography pieces from two years ago are getting a sudden gallery encore at the same café 🖼️☕

buy trans art, i guess?

So the e key is not working on my phone unless I really push it down. Bummr

One of the #python packages I've been developing the past couple of days is called #Tagsnag:

My students at university are handing in their projects via Git. This means, that we are faced with a bunch of repos structured in a similar way: Milestones are tagged, etc.

Tagsnag allows you to run the same #Git commands on all repositories, update them and also extract a specific file / folder from a certain version (tag / branch).


Made a shiny app to summarize my trials with 1000 runs for each language pair in my cross language tagging experiments.

Need to add median, standard deviation and stuff later.

I wanted to at least see if the results were roughly normally distributed before I did statistical significance tests.

It was VERY nice to hear so many professors talking about teaching :rstats: instead of SPSS and the other software that students may not have access to when they graduate.

Idk those oils can’t be that essential if I’ve lived my life this long without them

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Going back to my alma mater to take engagement photos. My fiance lived five doors down from my dorm room in 2011.

I remembered volunteering at my old elementary school around then and I thought my brother was going to school there at the time.
That didn't seem right so I did the math and sure enough he was in 4th grade. He started college this semester.

Wow i've been in college for a lot longer than it feels like.

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