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Success! I dropped my phone in the toilet yesterday. After drying out for a full day, it works just fine!

Proud of my students. They did quite well on their final exam yesterday.

Casual reminder that a biathlon is skiing and shooting, two things that VERY OBVIOUSLY go together?

I'm a current PhD student at Edinburgh Uni, studying the learning dynamic of artificial neural text models. Information about me aside from that:
- I have a condition that makes it painful to type or write. I dictate all my code and interactions with dragon, talon, and voicecode.
- I play roller derby! My name is Gaussian Retribution. I'm back on skates from months of coalescing after tripping over the flower girl at a wedding.
- 🏳️‍🌈 ♿ 🔯
- I :HeartBi: :julia: & :python:

Ah yes, yet another internship for NLP that explicitly wants electrical engineering PhD candidates.

Well. I'm about to crush my Greek final. Wish me luck.

broke: arranging your schedule so you only have to come to campus twice a week

woke: arranging your schedule so you have to come to campus every single morning, in an attempt to be "productive"

bespoke: no one has seen you in years. junior grad students doubt your existence. whenever you are spoken of, the fluorescent light over your cobwebbed desk space in the shared office flickers. on the department website, your name links to a page that clearly hasn't been updated since 2010.

Note: I've got 4 questions associated with Christmas in some way.

If anyone has other holiday trivia not associated with Christmas I'd GREATLY appreciated it.


Hi all. I'm a grad school dropout with a BA in History. I still enjoy engaging in academic discussion, and I'm hoping for the opportunity to do that here. My areas of interest include historiography, methods, early modern atlantic world, borderlands, and colonial and early america. Right now I'm reacquainting myself with normative literature. I also work in IT for a university. I like dogs, technology, hiking, disney, politics/current events, and beer. Glad to meet you all!

Forgot how hard it is to find rooms in the informatics buildings. There's informatics west and informatics east. The professor wrote that the class was in informatics west while his office was in informatics.

I assumed that meant his office was in informatics east. E.g. East is the normal informatics building and west is exceptional. Turns out they were in the same building.

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Reminder to all users: Your worth is not determined by whatever you got done or didn't get done this week

@cattebune holy fuck everyone except me has so much computing just fuckin lying around
i mean, i have a 64gb SD card i can tape to a balloon and hope it ends up in the cloud

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I reinstalled with the same iso used for the stable one and that laptop has been stable ever since then. Very interesting...

does anyone have any advice on not getting sucked into a research hole so deep that you don't have enough time to actually write your coursework?

I never know how/when to stop reading about a topic to the point where it's detrimental to the work that I (eventually) output

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