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Undergraduate student in Anthropology and Philosophy interested in Environmental, Urban and Public Anthropology as well as Moral, Political and Intercultural Philosophy and politics/economics in general. Used to be on a another instance, just switched for a fresh start. Any suggestions on who to follow?

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Users of, please chime in:

We try our best not to log IP addresses to give you all the privacy we can. Mastodon, as a software, logs IP addresses in two ways: It saves the last IP address you used, and the IP address associated with each active session (you can review those here:

We can delete those IP addresses manually in both of these places, but this would reduce your ability to see where your active sessions come from. Opinions, preferences, thougths?

I #canhelpwith

- web development: obscure browser APIs, even obscurer CSS behaviour, #vue, webpack, websockets, animations
- all things vector graphics, from browser to print
- providing no clear and easy answers to design / ux / usability problems, but gladly giving general pointers

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@rixx Sorry but isn't there a German law that even requires you to store IPs for a time? In any case, with shared and dynamic IPs, they are hardly PII. Yes, you could wipe those columns but if you ever get a vandal making alt accounts it'll be harder to deal with that.

Ok, as far as I can see, removing last_sign_in_ip and current_sign_in_ip from users doesn't hurt mastodon at all. Can you confirm, @Gargron? Because then I'm just going to start a cronjob that wipes these columns every five minutes or so, and then we'll be as close to not storing IP addresses on as we can be.


- Programming knowledge and advice, specifically #python web development
- Basic Linux sysadmin stuff
- General computing advice
- Videogames
--- Currently consumed by #warframe
--- I used to be an officer in an #eveonline corp so I know about herding nerds, ship fits and online spreadsheets
- Overthinking things
- Some basic knowledge of banking in #england and how to set up saving accounts and the like.
- Being generally nice and supportive

@l I've been thinking about it more and more, especially since some very good scientists I know will soon be unemployed due to lack of funding.

I actually think the idea is one worth exploring. The biggest issue I see is that patreon patrons generally expect something in return (i.e. a product). Not sure what form that would take when crowdfunding science.

I am willtochaos, and despite the unsettling name I enjoy and promote sensible order. I like to ask questions and challenge assumptions in a rather annoying and socratic manner. Sometimes I do this by sitting down very quietly and staring at a wall for some time. Or with a good beer or glass of red. To date, no one has offered me hemlock, so I figure I'll just keep doing it.

I try, in my own way, to contribute towards the maturation of humanity and the preservation of continuity in human affairs. To this end, I greatly enjoy studying #philosophy, #psychology, #history, and #politics, as well as #science. At some point, I plan to teach myself some #mathematics and #programming.

I enjoy playing Go (also known as #baduk), though I am still a novice player.

Feel free to engage with me. I maintain an open house for anyone wishing to discuss ideas and aesthetics, as well as those who value skill and intelligence over accidental traits. I am not easily offended, but can come across as being somewhat blunt. Ideologues and wilful stupidity, however, are not welcome.


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Kommt mit uns ins #Fediverse und erlebt eine dezentrale Alternative zu Twitter, Facebook, Instagram und all dem Kommerzkram!

Wir haben eine Anleitung vorbereitet, und ganz unten steht ein Einladungslink für den #Mastodon-Server @l There are three youtubers that come to mind who do research like things. Applied Science, Nurdrage and Thought Emporium. They derive some funds from Patreon.

@l I know some graduate-schooled people in early Christian studies (Matthew Ferguson, Richard Carrier) and amateur researchers in arms and armour such as Roland Warzeca. The dig at Sandby Borg and the Journal of Roman Military Equipment Studies were crowdfunded.

@l I know bassist Steve Lawson is getting money from Bandcamp subscriptions, and is doing a PhD, but I'm not sure if the one funds the other, or if the PhD is funded separately.

@l anarchopac is trying to fund her phd on anarchist strategy with patreon.

Are there researchers that get (partly) funded through Patreon? There are probably enough points to be made against this but I find the idea intriguing.

- Etwas Erfahrung mit Linux Servern insb. Ubuntu, Mailserver mit postfix, Dovecot und Mailman(2.x), Ansible
- Elektrik und Mechanik insb was praktische Umsetzung betrifft
- Umgang mit Werkzeug, vom Lötkolben bis zur Schlagbohrmaschine
- Fahren von großen und kleineren Fahrzeugen (LKW mit Anhänger bis PKW), Umsetzung von Logistischen Herausforderungen

#canhelpwith audio / music making and recodig / producing.
Basic knowledge about photography and video taking / editing.
Basic knowledge about server administration & docker

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