Hey @debian, you had a pride swirl for June. Maybe not be on an instance run by transphobes? (Amongst other hate).

I'm getting asked to make a pride Debian swirl patch, but honestly I'm a little uncomfortable with that, even as a long long time user.

I mean it'd be real easy to run an instance (I could volunteer host if needed) or join a different one with an understanding of CoCs :)


Thanks for the heads up (I'm the maintainer of @debian account in Mastodon network).
I'll try to find a solution as soon as I can, and notify all the users so they follow us in the new place, etc.
In any case, none of these instances are endorsed officially by Debian. Debian posts in micronews.debian.org and I as individual just try to offer that content to the fediverse. I'm sad about what happened and definitely will try to act accordingly.

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@larjona @unfitmisfit
Awesome to hear! Thanks for getting back to us all this, as you're aware it's very important! Thanks! 🍥

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