thanks. I have updated my blog post to include @emsenn 's article and explain a bit more why I decided to change the instance.
I hope it's clearer now.

@dirething @emsenn
Thanks for the link. I didn't read everything that was written about the topic given my own circumstances, and the article I linked was the best single piece of info I could find so far (hoping that being my reaction/outcome different than the one of the author, people understand my point of view is not the same as theirs). I'll have a look at yours and update accordingly.

@alextee@mastodon.art The recordings, once processed, are being published in meetings-archive.debian.net/pu (many talks are there already)

@PresGas Thanks for the link! I was not sure about the implications of clicking that "account moved" button. I'll probably handle this on Monday, I don't want to accidentally break things much in the last day of DebConf19 coverage :-s

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Thanks for the heads up (I'm the maintainer of @debian account in Mastodon network).
I'll try to find a solution as soon as I can, and notify all the users so they follow us in the new place, etc.
In any case, none of these instances are endorsed officially by Debian. Debian posts in micronews.debian.org and I as individual just try to offer that content to the fediverse. I'm sad about what happened and definitely will try to act accordingly.

you can get the upgrade at any time if you change "stretch" to "buster" in your apt sources but it's strongly recommended to read the release notes to know the details and if you need to do additional steps in your systems debian.org/releases/buster/rel
And of course, backups are always recommended prior to any change :-)

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I'm not related to Igalia, I was just promoting - I hope you find a new soon!

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@valessio For now, I manually crosspost. I'm tempted to replicate the setup we have for micronews.debian.org (blog with rss feed, and spigot (for pump) + feed2toot (for GNUSocial/Mastodon))

Igalia is looking for a systems administrator, they particularly welcome candidates from under-represented groups.

My personal account in the Mastodon/GNU Social fediverse is now this one, but I still use pump.io as my main social network (the Mastodon account will be a mirror of identi.ca/larjona, same as it was larjona@quitter.se).

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