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Saw a few people I follow on Twitter mention Mastodon, so giving it a shot.

I'm a computer scientist interested in (functional) programming languages. I teach at LIU in Brooklyn, NY, US. I dabble in Astronomy and wherever else I'm needed.

I'm gay, married, and a dad to Zoë, who is just over 2 years old. 💟

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“Please listen carefully as our menu options have changed”

Averted the productivity disaster of trying to adopt a new task management system. I suddenly recognized that I felt awful about and was avoiding the old system due the accumulated stale content; the system itself was fine.

So I declared bankruptcy on all existing projects and tasks, and just archived them. Some will creep back in, but on new terms — and meanwhile I can breathe and trust the system again.

On the plus side, if we're all in a simulation, looks increasingly likely we can break out.

Well, at least I have a full to read about the .

Day 211 after the CPUcalypse : the only uninfected computer in the universe is the Voyager I probe.


A really fun, in-depth exploration of modern database keys in Postgres:

> After wading through sixty-four articles, skimming sections in five books, and asking questions on IRC and StackOverflow I think I’ve put the pieces together and have a recommendation to harmonize the various camps.

Dreamt that I was giving a lecture on how to calculate frequencies for the equal temperament scale, and comparing them to pure-scale integer ratios.

Watching Star Trek makes me feel very grateful that my computer never shoots blasts of sparks into my face while I'm using it

what blockhead called it cryptocurrency or bitcoin and not cache money

Skeptic/atheist new parent: I'm not going to lie to my kid or actively promote myths I know to be false.

Ms. 2yo, at bed time, adorably: Papi, I want Santa Claus. Santa is coming? To town?

Skeptic: Soon honey, soon.

You ever wonder how much of the present you could recreate if you were thrown back into the past?

I feel like I'd be kinda useless with any kind of machinery beyond maybe a bicycle. I could never do a marine chronometer or a refracting telescope. But I could be pretty good at things like Vigenere ciphers or finding flaws in the Enigma machine.

A lot of it depends on how far back you go; like if you go far enough then just the idea of an alphabet or abuguida over ideograms is a pretty big deal.

Facebook suddenly stopped loading on my phone, and I removed the Twitter app a week ago. So… positive developments all around. I await newfound insights and productivity.

If you catch me mansplaining, do call it out, but please be gentle. It's literally my job to explain things to people who know less about them than I do. Holding forth on some tech topic is a well-worn groove! 🤓🎓

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The 2017 Mastodon Mini-Census is here!
It's only 10 questions, so it's nice and short :]

Please boost this so we can get as many responses as possible

Really pleased with Fira Code symbol font (ligatures) now that I have them working in Emacs.

I was using prettify-symbols-mode for some of this, but the arrows & other glyphs it selects were inconsistent sizes & weights, depending on base font.